How To Cultivate Craftsmanship in Your Art Room: AME 092



Today I’m talking to an art teacher who confesses to being focused on the end result.

Before you judge, listen to how Britt Curley, from the blog, Art Room Britt, sets her intention with her students as they work through mediums, learn techniques and create a beautiful piece of art in the process.

Britt puts a lot of attention on a finely tuned finished product. Craftsmanship, neatness and detail are integrated into her art classes and children respond with enthusiasm and confidence.

Britt shares how she came to teach children in her home, growing from one class with only a couple of children to sold out classes and waiting lists.

You can learn how and what Britt does in her art class during our Draw, Paint, Make Summer Workshop in July. Her presentation, Cultivating Craftsmanship takes a deep dive into setting expectations for children, best tips for creating nuanced, layered art and a walk through how she does one of her most detailed projects. You can learn more HERE.


This show is perfect for anyone who is interested in hearing how teaching techniques and introducing mediums within a structure class environment works in a small group environment.

– How Britt built her art business from the basement of her own home

– What Britt did to organically grow her business

–  Britt’s approach to introducing mediums and techniques to her students

–  The benefits of having high expectations of her students

– How jumping towards an art career opened the door for new and exciting opportunities

– What Britt does to engage the children in her classes

– Why her art is academic-based and product-oriented




Art Room Britt Blog

Art Room Britt Instagram

Join Britt and other artists at the Draw, Paint, Make Art Workshop….click for more details Draw Paint Make Online Summer Workshop

You can visit Patty through Deep Space Sparkle on Facebook and Instagram




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  • Linda Tvedt

    Oh my goodness. you have the most exceptional podcasts ever! Inspiring, once again! Thank you!

  • Shelley

    I’ve been working my way through these podcasts in my me-time, and oh my goodness, this one! I teach homeschool groups, and there’s definitely a feeling that anything other than process art is bad, but Britt’s thoughts just sum up everything I’m trying to achieve in my sessions. Working towards a specific product to take home isn’t wrong! There’s so much to be learnt along the way!

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