How to Engage, Inspire and Create Art Room Magic with Sally Haughey: AME 042


On today’s episode, I’m talking with Sally Haughey from Fairy Dust Teaching. If you’re not familiar with her work, you really need to check out her blog, Fairy Dust Teaching.  Sally and I chat about the best way to engage young children in the art making space. You’ll learn why the method Sally uses is just so important and effective with not only young children, but ones of all ages.

This episode is for anyone who struggles with finding the right balance between a creative art-making space and behavioral expectations.


  • How Sally decided to become a teacher based on her own struggles and her children’s struggles in the public school system
  • How she saw the arts change the lives of at-risk children
  • Why Sally says TRUST is the most important thing when it comes to classroom management for at-risk children
  • How and why songs hold children’s attention better than anything else
  • What three things Sally does when children enter the art room
  • How Sally teaches art projects with a wide range of ages
  • How Sally addresses poor behavior with the children in the classroom
  • What is the difference between Reggio and Waldorf-inspired art and how Sally uses both in her teachings
  • How Sally gauges the rhythm of her classroom in order to maintain a positive flow



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Fairy Dust Teaching Website

Teacher Resources on Fairy Dust Teaching


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