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How to Handle the Holiday Crush – Art Made Easy 034

How to Handle the Holiday Crush: Art Made easy podcast by Deep Space Sparkle

The holidays don’t need to be a time for stressful schedules and hectic classes. Make this season your best ever by determining what your holiday intentions are, how to navigate your school’s holiday celebration parameters and what projects to do with your students that will deliver smiles for all.

In this episode, Patty addresses the big issues art teachers face every December:

  • What should you do when your school doesn’t celebrate the Holidays?
  • How to handle children who can’t participate in anything remotely seasonal.
  • How to set your intentions so you can enjoy the season and bring focus to what brings you happiness.
  • A list of non-religious art projects you can do in a short amount of time.
  • How Parkinson’s Law applies to teaching art

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