Supporting & Appreciating Others (plus a few folks who are amazing): AME 080

In this episode, I share why I feel so strongly about supporting and sharing with others. Why it’s good for me and how sharing, collaborating and being positive shapes my life. I call it living with abundance but it can also be called The Golden Rule: Do to others what you would want them to do for you.

This episode shares a few stories about how giving and sharing has made a huge difference in my happiness, prosperity and job satisfaction and ways it can work for you, too.

I’ll talk about…

• What “abundance” means to me

• How living with abundance and giving to others enhanced my own life

• Why you should strive to be the person you want to have in your life

• Why “the less you expect, the more you receive” is true

• The reasons why joining a mastermind is such a great idea

And speaking of sharing, here is a list of people I think are amazing. I want acknowledge them and share their goodness with YOU!

Ami Mayes Colorado, Hand Makery

Allison Jensen Missouri, Orange Easel Art

Anna Bartlett, Shiny Happy Art

Arielle Goddard, Art Camp LA

Robin Long, Balanced Life Sisterhood

Jasmine Star, Instagram 180 & The Social Curator

Tiffany Lee Bymaster, Lights Camera Branding

Anna DiGillio, Simple Skilled inSecond

Jessica Balsey, Art of Education






Oprah Super Soul Sunday

James Wedmore

Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income

Amy Porterfield Online Marketing Made Easy

Rick Mulready

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  • poorva_pant

    listening to your podcasts feels like good old days…sitting down with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. It has wonderful information links and resources. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward for your next podcast already…

  • rsacks7

    Thank you so much for your podcasts. I’m just in the beginning stages of opening an art studio, so I really appreciate the business topics. I would call this podcast more spiritual than business-like, but for me they’re interconnected, which is a point I think you’re making. I love the idea of intentionality, and living with a mindset of abundance. I love the idea of appreciating people in our lives, and being open to what we can learn from each of them. I love the approach of opening my business with an attitude of giving, and trusting that the income will flow naturally out of that process of sharing. Thank you for these podcasts. I’m a mother of five children, between the ages of one and twelve. So I have a lot of time when I’m washing dishes, cooking, doing laundry, etc. So I’ve been catching up on your podcasts regularly since I discovered them just a couple of months ago. Thank you for inspiring and for sharing your gifts with the world.

  • Beckyjohns

    My podcast had you speaking double speed, what did I do wrong? I loved the idea of work in am and walk in pm while listening to podcasts! I love your idea of sharing from abundance and not expecting anything back when you help. Concepts that lead to a joyful life!

    • Patty

      When I first started listening to podcasts on my iPhone, my phone was set on ½ speed. It was crazy! All you need to do to fix the speed is to look at the bottom left hand corner of your phone when in the podcast app. Then tap the 1X to get the speed you want…faster or slower. Some people like listening to books on tape at 1.5 speed so they can get through the book faster. 🙂

  • Terry

    I have been listening to your podcasts regularly during the last 6 months. I have had a wonderful career in art education- I have taught elementary art in many private schools, founded and ran a children’s art studio in Pasadena for several years, and worked as an art museum director of education. I still have a great love and enthusiasm for children and art and am looking for my next act. Your deeply insightful philosophy and the variety of amazing people you interview have been invaluable for me. It is like having a virtual buffet of creative ways to express my passion. I am continually amazed at how you’ve skillfully woven together spirituality and teaching art to children! These are the two areas that make my life exciting and fulfilling. Thank you for all of your hard work, honesty, talent, and integrity!

  • Lisa Krones

    Hi Patty,
    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your podcasts. I find them hard to fit in to my life when I am at full speed, but I just finished visiting my sister who is 3 hours away and both back and forth I caught up on some of your podcasts that I have missed. The time flew and I never grow tired of hearing you voice. It makes me almost wish I had a long commute in my life on a regular basis. Thanks for all that you do!

  • Leslie

    Thanks so much for sharing your positivity, your stories and your understanding !
    I discovered a.m.e and am listening to every single episode ever since.
    I’m not art teacher and I think everybody could learn so many things with your podcast (and make the world much better!). Thanks again ♥️

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