How One Classroom Teacher Went from Art Breakdown to Art Star: AME 087

Michelle Gifford, a second-grade teacher from Thousand Oaks California, confessed to failing miserably with her first attempt at teaching art. She had followed her school’s purchased art program but never felt confident that she was giving her students the best art experience.

After a miserable open house, where parents expressed disappointment with her art attempts, Michelle plucked up the determination to learn how to teach art. After learning all she could, Michelle went all in with her art education and is now known as the teacher who does “all the art”.

This episode is for anyone who doesn’t consider themselves an artist or fears they don’t have the skills or resources to teach art to their students.



– How Michelle was able to become a confident classroom art teacher

– Why supplies can make a difference in the pleasure and experience of a project

– How Michelle benefits from practicing art projects before teaching them to her class

– How support from parents can go a long way

– Ways she improves her classroom by tying in lessons from other subjects

– How to keep your creative cup full by staying educated and informed




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  • Linda Tvedt

    What a delightful podcast! I have listened to every one, and learn so much from them. Thank you Patty and Michelle!

  • June slack

    Really enjoyed the interview with Michelle. I am planning a painting class to some seniors at the senior center I want them to enjoy art as much as I do and to encourage them to keep practicing .and join the my next more advanced class. Thanks to you both. I am inspired.

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for sharing this inspirational story of how we all can be lifelong learners. Way to go Michelle! You have modeled to your students and school (and to all of us) that curiousity builds skill confidence. I couldn’t agree with you more about DSS. Patty has created an invaluable resource for building art teachers!

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