The Power of Refraining your Life: AME 072

Today I’m talking to Laurie Police Short, author of When Changing Nothing Changes Everything.  In this episode we’re talking about how changing perspective can alter behavior and ultimately our life.

With the help of four different lenses, Laurie shows you how the way you see can have an impact on how you live. This is deeply personal to me as I truly believe that teachers have the power to have the biggest impact on so many lives but the daily grind can definitely get in the way of our purpose.

Laurie walks us through four lenses:

The Big View: Our life isn’t merely shaped by the things that happen to us, it is also shaped by the way we live.

The Present View: Keep our eyes focused on what is in front of us is the only way to see the path ahead.

The Rear View: We don’t look back to stay back, we look back so we can choose what to take into our future.  Otherwise stuff follows us without our vote.

The Higher View: Need is around us in every form, and when we allow it to be in front of us, something magical happens to our eyes.


•The moment that changed Laurie’s own life – and planted the seed for her to write the book

•What are the four “lenses” that will change the way you see life and what happens when you look through each one

•The one movie that every teacher should watch and it can change your perspective on life

•What we can do if we’re getting caught up with focusing on the wrong things

•Why it’s so important to tune in to what’s happening around you

•How you can reframe the past to decide what you want to include in your future and change the story in your head

•How we can actually heal from our pain and why thinking of our lives as a “story” can be so hopeful

•Why taking the higher view can lead to you making the most of every single moment of your life





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  • Janice Skivington

    Please would it be possible to have this podcast be presented additionally as text? Not all of all enjoy listening to a show, some of us enjoy the chance to read the text more.

    • Patty

      It would be a LONG document! My podcasts are lengthy (50 minutes) so transcribing can get pricey. Also, transcribing long conversations is never easy and the content is often lost. I’m not a huge fan of it, so it probably wont happen anytime soon. I understand your request for multiple platforms. Thanks for being a listener 🙂

  • Laurie Short

    So fun to be on the podcast with you Patty! Thanks for being such a gracious host. You are welcome to transcribe the conversation for the listener who asked if you want- though you did a great summary above and they could get more details from the book!:)