Sparkler Spotlight: Kristina Massey Art Made Easy interviews small art studio owner and offers growth advice

Sparkler Spotlight & Small Studio Advice: AME 040




Since the creation of Deep Space Sparkle’s Members Club (join waitlist) last June, I’ve made it my goal to help serve and support teachers on their path as art teachers.

One of the newest features of the membership is the Sparkler Spotlight. This is where I share members stories on how they became an art teacher, what they struggle with and where they find their inspiration. I’m excited to announce that my first spotlight is member Kristina Massey!

Kristina has her own art studio called Corbie Arts in Washington State and teaches after school classes to a small but growing number of students. She joined The Members’ Club to reduce the amount of work she spent in creating a curriculum for her classes but now is wondering how to best use her time in building a business.

In this episode, we’re flipping the format and Kristina is asking me the questions! If you are a studio owner or teach after school art class, listen in as Kristina and I chat about artsy business stuff.


  • Why it is important to identify the intention of your class and attract the people that you want to serve
  • How to educate parents on the style of art that you are using to teach their children
  • How we are living in a time where everyone is revisiting or reconnecting with their creative side
  • How teachers can make more of their time to create more profit
  • Why as an entrepreneur you need to experiment with things to find out what changes are necessary in your business
  • Why if you find one social media platform that is working for you, you have to “double down” on that one!

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  • Molly Foster

    I’ve loved your last few podcasts with Kristina, Meri Cherry and Megan Schiller. I’m an art teacher with a side hustle business of my own. I teach after school art workshops and summer camps to children. It’s been so helpful to hear your questions and their answers about teaching art and the business side of owning an art studio, which is my next goal. I’ve even connected with Megan and her husband for support. I really appreciate your perspective and resources that you are sharing and I hope that you continue to share out more interviews with fellow art educators and business owners.
    Thank you!
    Molly Foster

  • Heike Rael

    Hi Patty,
    I really do enjoy all your pod casts, especially the ones that relate to studio owners and the business side of things. It is great to get a different perspective.
    Thank you for the reminder of having clear intentions and attracting the people you want to serve ?

    Thank you for all you do for the art community!


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