Learn how Meri Cherry started her process-based art studio: An Art Made Easy interview

Success Secrets of a Process-Based Art Studio: Art Made Easy 039



Learn how Meri Cherry started her process-based art studio: An Art Made Easy interview

After hosting pop up art classes in her garage, art teacher and blogger Meri Cherry listened to her intuition and opened her first art studio in Southern California. Eight months later, Meri serves her creative community by offering everything from toddler art sessions to family art nights.

Learn how Meri created a thriving business and an art studio of her dreams.


  • How having children changed Meri’s career path
  • How her business was able to take off after she was able to give herself permission to go for it
  • Meri’s biggest piece of advice for pursuing your dreams
  • If you should go all in or take baby steps in opening your own studio
  • How Meri differentiates between fine art and a more process-based art
  • Why is it important to give children the unstructured time of process art
  • What is pacing and Meri incorporates that into her art classes based on age
  • Why Meri recommends Instagram to advertise her studio classes
  • What are the top two platforms for advertising


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The Complete Artist’s Way: Creativity as a Spiritual Practice by Julia Cameron

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Meri’s Blog

Meri’s Facebook

@mericherry (across social media)

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  • Ashley Krieger

    This was a very awesome Podcast with Merry Cherry. I follow you both. Thanks for all you do!

    • Patty

      So glad you liked it!

  • Kelly Marshall

    Love this! Party, you inspired us last summer at the summer workshop and listening to Meri talk about how she was able to bring her dreams to fruition gives me even more courage and inspiration. Hoping to have our own commercial space sometime in the next year!

    • Patty

      Yes! That’s fantastic kelly!

  • Amie Casados

    Okay my slow internet service won’t allow me to find out Meri’s great art studio!!! I want to do the same!!! How can I get started??? Tell me all I have to do. I’m in the boonies of rural rural America who’ are in desperate need of art as it is not provided at school!!!

  • Catherine Davison

    Really enjoyed the podcast. It has been helpful in reinforcing for me the value of offering art to children and that it is just as valuable as more traditional extracurricular activities in terms of their development. Inspiring me to rethink the studio idea.

    • Patty

      I always say that offer the art in the style that benefits kids the most. I love what Meri does with her studio and what experience she is passionate to offer. Thanks so much for listening!

  • Mindy

    Such a wonderful and inspiring conversation with practical advice on a pathway to get started!

    • Patty

      Thanks so much Mindy!

  • Valerie Milo

    This was so inspiring! I learned so much from this episode, it’s funny because the whole concept of process art for kids, giving them down time to be creative, promoting flexibility and staying open, seeing where the process takes them…all that is helping me as I’m starting my art ed business. I can really get caught up in perfectionism & details & the pressure to succeed and this just lightened everything up for me! Which of course leads to more creativity! THANK YOU, Patty and Meri Cherry!! What words of wisdom!

    • Patty

      Yes! So happy to hear this. You know, running a business whether its art or anything else is only successful if you make it your own and work your philosophy. Good luck and cant wait to hear how it goes. Thanks for listening!

  • Anni


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