Unlocking Your Potential with Personality Tests – Art Made Easy 026




In this episode of Art Made Easy I’m diving down the rabbit hole of personality tests. Don’t know if you are a fan, but I’ve been literally obsessed with the Myers-Briggs test since I listen to The Mind Your Business podcast a few months ago.

Here’s what I learned; by knowing what makes you tick, you can learn how to become a better teacher, engage in activities that bring you more joy and be around people who compliment you. You may not be overly familiar with personality test, but trust me, knowing the reasons why you do what you do really helps with making decisions—big and small.

This episode is for anyone who is interested in being happier at work, choosing activities that energize you and learning how to manage your personal relationships. 

It’s also a lot of fun figuring out who you really are!


–  How knowing what makes you “tick” can actually make you a better teacher

–  How just being good at something doesn’t mean you should build a career from it

–  That my strength was a single verb, “Create”, which has guided everything I do from my blog to my lessons

–  What the four categories of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test are

–  Where we get our energy from is the key to determining if we are an introvert or extrovert

–  How you have to throw out your preconceived ideas of what people are based on their occupation

–  How people with opposite personality traits can make a relationship work

–  Why understanding other peoples’ personality types can make it easier to work with them







The Mind Your Business Podcast, with James Wedmore and Phoebe Mroczek (if you are a creative entrepreneur and haven’t listened to this podcast, you need to check it out. You’ll love it. I promise.)

Episode 020: Know Thyself, Know Thy Business

Episode 021: Know Thyself (Part 2)

Marcus Buckingham on Oprah

Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham

Take a Myers-Briggs Test and Read About your Type

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  • ctlee5@att.net

    I’m an ENFJ and what’s funny is I took this personality test over the summer with my kids! I did have to think really hard between the Introvert and Extrovert category! I loved to spend time alone in my room as a kid and would either be reading or sewing! I also loved having a few close friends and staying at home! I really think I’ve got qualities of both of the categories so it was difficult to choose. After reading the descriptions of both INFJ and ENFJ I think I fall more in the EFNJ category! What fun it is t otry and figure out what makes us tick! I really enjoyed your Pod Cast! Thanks so much! 🙂 Carla Lee

  • Jeanine

    Can’t wait!

  • Michelle Gifford

    I wonder if this is part of why I feel so connected to you – WE ARE THE SAME! I am also an INFJ. I used to be a T, but motherhood, maturity, and loss have transformed me into an F. I know now more than ever that we are “kindred spirits!” LOVED the show!

  • TracyBeckett@WildBlue.net

    INFP-T here. I rely on guided drawings in K-2 to build skill and confidence.

  • Amy Gavin

    I am an INFJ, too! I can’t believe how accurate the descriptions of this type are for me.

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