Watercolor & Paper Bouquets


Here is a simple art lesson that combines a watercolor and oil pastel resist with creating shapes with paper and scissors. We created these bouquets in January so colors veered towards that lovely February holiday. The students used regular sulphite paper instead of watercolor paper since there was very little blending or advanced watercolor skills involved in the project, so using my limited stash of watercolor paper wasn’t necessary. What … Read More →

Shape Robot Art Project


An excellent back-to-school project for Kinders, these Shape Robots offer a look into how well a child can cut and paste, identify shapes and apply a little whimsy to their artwork. What You’ll Need… Colored Paper Scraps cut into 4″ x 6″ pieces 12″ x 18″ black sulphite (or any other color) background paper White school glue Black markers Colored beads, buttons or recycled materials Vocabulary… Triangle Square Circle Trapezoid … Read More →

Cardboard Fish and Owl Art Project


If you have some extra corrugated cardboard and a few bored kids, try creating these abstract fish and owls. I won’t lie. It took a while to cut out 65 fish and owl shapes plus the notches and mouth openings, but my Kinder students loved creating this cute project. Very hands-on, creative and fun. Kinder Fish and Owls!  

Art Projects Inspired by Earth Day

Paper bag dolls

I’ve been known to dig through the lunch bins rescuing styrofoam trays for printing projects. I save newspapers for delicate ceramic projects and concentrated juice can tops for robot heads. Is it enough? No way. Sometimes I start to collect things then abandon the idea when I can’t come up with an art project or the pile threatens my limited storage. Then back to the bin they go. Depressing. But every … Read More →

Make your own Snowglobe


I’m not usually a fan of crafts but this little number had me at the first shake. For my daughter’s annual Winterfest, we set up a table and allowed children to make their own snowglobes. I bought some jars online to get just the right ones. If you have mason jars at home, they’re fine, but the patterns on the bottle make it hard to see the insides. Large baby … Read More →

Recycled Robot Art project

robot art lesson

I’ve been collecting odds and ends for this project for some time now. Things like concentrated juice can toppers, plastic strawberry baskets, bottle caps, soda can tabs, old buttons, scraps of shiny paper, old aluminum foil, etc. Even the paper is recycled. The cardboard backing is the cardboard used to wrap newsprint in. Our local newspaper gives this stuff away, so even though it’s a bit bulky to store, it … Read More →

Form-based Art Projects


A few weeks ago, I posted a few questions from readers. One question concerned form-based art projects; ideas and suggestions for a limited budget art room. I weighed in, but so did my readers. I received this fantastic email from Phyllis who has over thirty years teaching art to elementary kids. I asked Phyllis if I might post her suggestions as I think we could all benefit from her great … Read More →