Book Review: The Shape of my Heart


I went to my local Indie bookstore a while back searching for a book to tie-in with my Valentine’s Day themed art lessons. I gravitated towards the sea of pink and red and searched for an appropriate book for my first and second graders.  I was disappointed with the selection but to be fair, I had alot of requirements. I wanted a book to tie-in with an art lesson on … Read More →

Arlo Needs Glasses Art Lesson


Arlo Needs Glasses  by Barney Saltzberg is about as cute as you can get when it comes to interactive picture books. My group of Kinders LOVED this book. We read the book before we created our own Arlo dogs. Because the book is interactive, it is difficult to expect the children to stay seated. They want to wear the glasses, pull the strings, throw the ball and peer into the … Read More →

Inspiring Children’s Books


Children’s books add so much to an art room. Not only do they provide wonderful inspiration for great art lessons but reading a book for 5 minutes can calm the children and create a lovely transition into an art lesson. Here are a few titles that will be transformed into art lessons soon…. 1. The Rainbow Book by Kate Ohrt is a visually stunning book that demonstrates color and radial symmetry. … Read More →

Interview with Nikki McClure


While searching for a literature tie-in for my Apple Art Lesson, I found Nikki McClure’s exquisite book Apple. The story takes on you in a visual journey of the life cycle of an apple; from apple picking time to composting and re-birth. The children had fun anticipating what would become of the bright red apple. I asked Nikki if she would mind answering a few questions about her book. Patty: … Read More →

Art Books for Children


A summer day without any specific plans turned into a delightful stroll along Santa Barbara’s State Street with my daughter, Elly. First stop? The Santa Barbara Museum of Art bookstore. I love this place. It’s a treasure trove of delightful inspiration, not to mention the best selection of art books in Santa Barbara. I have visited this store a few times before and each time I discover a few new … Read More →

Book review: A Bird or Two

A Bird or Two

I’m always on the hunt for engaging picture books for the art room. Of course, I love all books, but if I can find a story about a famous artist then I’m thrilled! A trip to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art’s bookstore produced a bounty of beautiful picture books, including this little beauty… Bijou Le Tord’s A Bird or Two: A Story about Henri Matisse is probably the best book … Read More →

Pantone Colors Art Lesson


Color mixing is one of the most rewarding paint experiences in art class. Children love to squish, mingle and mix paint until there is nothing left but a big blob of muddy brown. We remedy that by teaching how to make secondary colors and that by adding white paint, they can achieve a myriad of shades. Abrams Appleseed recently released a stunning picture book, Pantone Colors. Inside the dynamic cover … Read More →