Art Made east podcast episode the 5 stages of art teacher growth

The 5 Stages of Art Teacher Growth: AME 145



When I was getting started as an art teacher, I was excited. But, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had little to no experience – a few sessions in my kid’s classroom crafting quilt squares, but no elaborate art projects. I felt like I jumped into the deep end without any preparation…

But what I did have was a vision for what I wanted to accomplish. I knew I had a unique opportunity to inspire these kids. I knew it could be fun, exciting, and I knew I could make an impact. I decided to dedicate myself to making art class special for them. I backed my ideas up with lessons, then plans, and finally a curriculum that I was proud of.

As the years went on, I recognized that I was getting better and I started to ask myself what’s next? I created goals and identified milestones for myself. I wanted to maintain focus and stay confident in my teaching skills, without getting stale.

In this episode, I’ll walk you through the 5 Stages of Teacher Growth and give you the tools to move to the next stage. Listen in as I share my roadmap and help you identify where you might be in your teaching career, and how to start creating your own milestones.

Be sure to download a copy of my 5 Stages of Teacher Growth below.


– How to define a Stage One teacher, and the way that their passion for art leads them to teaching.

– What the goals and milestones are for Stage One teachers, including art fundamentals.

– How you develop your style and start using different media and techniques as a Stage Two teacher.

– Why a Stage Three teacher focuses on building confidence and adopting an art philosophy.

– What ways a Stage Four teacher shares their expertise with others.

– How Stage Five teachers can use his or her mastery to set and use processes.




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  • Linda Tvedt

    Great podcast! Very enlightening! Thanks!

  • Karla Myers

    So good!! More wisdom… applicable to so many areas of maturing in adult life (personally, parenting, vocationally, relationally, spiritual).
    Much honor to our Creator – the best artist of all~

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