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What to do with Early Finishers

...for a few years.  My children have a wonderful art teacher here at school.  We are having a problem with pre-k students finishing their projects early.  We have tried “free...... Learn More

Perfect Timing: Solutions for Early Finishers - Art Made Easy 029

...find solutions for early finishers? In this episode of Art Made Easy, I walk you through strategies to help your students finish an art project during the scheduled time plus...... Learn More



Easy Tissue Paper Art Project for Early Finishers

Sometimes I need a make-up day for my students to complete unfinished projects. Sounds great but there is always a group of kids whose portfolios contain all finished pieces. Wouldn’t...... Learn More

The Art of Slowing Things Down: AME 146

...Early Finishers: AME 029 What to do with Early Finishers Easy Tissue Paper Art Project for Early Finishers You can visit Patty through Deep Space Sparkle on Facebook and Instagram...... Learn More



Fast Finishers & Free Choice Activities

...learn more strategies for improving the timing of your art class? Listen to Art Made Easy Perfect Timing : Solutions for Early Finishers Read: What To Do With Early Finishers...... Learn More

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How to Use Mantras to Create Connection & Consistency with Your Students: AME 128

...bean table rules, musical response with instruments, sketchbooks, early finishers) We have a good routine going and that helps our art room run smoothly. You can see a lot of...... Learn More



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How to Teach Art using the Elements and Principles of Design

...but also a chance for reflection.  With a page of guided note-taking and prompts, plus an open-ended page for early finishers for each element and principle, this is the perfect...... Learn More

3 Tips for Teaching a Project in 30 Minutes

...and cause confusion. You can always give early finishers a few embellishment ideas to add to their projects, which will allow you a little extra time to help the few...... Learn More

De-Mystifying Art Standards

...identifying one thing they like about the artwork and why they like it. – Allow early finishers to create a story about their own artwork, or an artwork by someone...... Learn More

The Secret to a Joy-Filled Art Room & How To Teach Collaborative Projects: AME 004

...she handles early finishers, and the process she uses to create collaborative murals and thematic units. If you are action oriented, grab a notepad and pencil because this show is...... Learn More



Sketchbook Project #6: Line Drawings

...why I like cardstock when using markers. Note: Because the Sketchbook Project is designed to be open-choice, some of the early finishers took to opening the art cupboard and embellishing...... Learn More

Birch Trees Art Lesson

...they end up adding bark between the trees. Trust me on this. Extra flourishes For early finishers, offer scraps of colored paper to cut into leaves. Have the children scatter...... Learn More

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