art made easy episode 146 the art of slowing things down

The Art of Slowing Things Down: AME 146



I read so many comments from teachers in our Facebook Groups expressing how their students behavior has changed. Some teachers feel like kids aren’t able to work on the same project for extended periods of time — even as little as 30 minutes. They get bored or anxious, so they rush through the project in a haphazard way just to get to the next activity.

If this is the reality then perhaps we can reconsider how we engage with our students. To hold a child’s attention, a new strategy might be the best way to get them excited to participate in the lesson.

In this episode, I’ll offer my tips and tricks to keep your class focused and teach your students how to enjoy the creative process by slowing down.

I’ve included a free handout for early finishers below, because there’s no magic formula for timing lessons just right. This is a gift from us to help you with your early finishers. This is a condensed lesson from our Quick Activities for Early Finishers Bundle.


– How to keep early finishers engaged

– How your energy affects students (*if you get this down you’re golden)

– How to help kids make a connection to art using different mediums

– How to encourage students to be invested in the project and develop craftsmanship



DOWNLOAD a PDF from the Quick Activities and Early Finishers Bundle by clicking on the the yellow button below!

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  • leslie banta

    OH, I needed to hear this. THANK YOU for having perfect timing!
    🙂 leslie

  • Jennifer Eagle

    Thanks Patty. I listened to this while setting up for my next class. It was a great reminder to slow down and set a relaxing tone. I love that you didn’t blame the children but offered some helpful suggestions for teachers to try.

  • Karla Myers

    Excellent reminders and wisdom! I have implemented these insights in my homeschooling environment over the years (doing readers and unit studies that we all share/dwell together …a younger one might build with Legos while listening and older ones might answer questions or draw pictures on a subject). Currently, it’s a good reminder as I build a more formal art studio, reaching out to the community. “Joy in the journey…”

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