How to use Flow Learning ™ to engage students in the art room: Art Made Easy podcast with Patty Palmer

How to Use Flow Learning™ to Engage Students in Art Making: AME 094



Have you ever heard of Flow Learning™?

It’s a technique that Joseph Cornell from the Sharing Nature Foundation developed to help children channel their natural tendencies and curiosities into focused learning.

A fellow Sparkler, Chandi Holliman, shared this approach with me and I was immediately intrigued. In this episode of Art Made Easy, Chandi shares how she used this approach with her pre-school and young Kinders in the art room.

Chandi is a brand new Sparkler and is our featured Sparkler Spotlight for May. What I love about Chandi is her calm, intentional approach to children’s art making and her vigorous passion for arts, children and creating new opportunities.

This episode is for anyone who is interested in how meditation, yoga and calming practices help children grow into keen observers and makers.

Here are the basic tenets of Flow Learning ™:

1. Awakening Enthusiasm: how to introduce a lesson through warm-up exercises, reading a story, or playing a game.

2. Focused Attention: Using details from the warm-up to concentrate their focus.

3. Direct Experience: Handing out materials, pairing the right set of children together, playing music, moving from a silent flow into the main art lesson, or by asking for a calmer classroom.

4. Shared Inspiration: Asking students to share their experience and asking questions.


– How Chandi went from being a Nanny to building her own school

– Why she incorporates yoga and meditation with her children

– How awakening enthusiasm builds engagement

– The reasons why literature can be a main source of inspiration

– How business decisions are easier to make when guided by a powerful mission





Joseph Cornell, Sharing Nature

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Ananda Sangha

The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life

I Am Yoga 

You can visit Patty through Deep Space Sparkle on Facebook and Instagram




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  • Jordi

    Thank you ever so for you post.Much thanks again.

  • Jane G Hatcher

    So good! Will be using all of this in my classroom!!!

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