Finding Your Voice as an Art Teacher with Cassie Stephens: AME 136



Cassie Stephens joins Patty for the second time on Art Made Easy. And this time, we’re pulling back the colorful curtain and diving into why she wanted to write a second book, why starting a podcast feels right, and why it’s important to put social media in its place. And, just for the fun of it, a behind-the-scenes peek at what it was like to be a contestant on Nailed It.


— What’s happened in Cassie’s life since she was last on this podcast

– How she’s learned to overcome her fears and start a new podcast (and more!)

– Why she feels social media is a “Catch 22” and what she does to navigate this new world

– How her appearance on a Netflix series came about, and the lessons she learned from this experience

– What to say “No” to, and the opportunities to give a “Yes!”

– What has sparked the most joy for Cassie, and what she says has been the biggest challenge for her





Cassie Stephens’ Blog

– Cassie Stephens’ Instagram: @Cassy_Stephenz

– Cassie Stephens’ Podcast: Art Teacherin’ with Cassy Stephens

– Pre-order Cassie’s new book being released on July 23, 2019: Stitch and String Lab for Kids: 40+ Creative Projects to Sew, Embroider, Weave, Wrap, and Tie*

Clay Lab for Kids: 52 Projects to Make, Model, and Mold with Air-Dry, Polymer, and Homemade Clay* by Cassie Stephens

Art Teacherin’ Episode 6: Discovering Your Art Teacherin’ Identity

The Art of Education University

AME 004: The Secret to a Joy-Filled Art Room & How To Teach Collaborative

AME 044: Avoiding the Comparison Trap

Nailed it! on Netflix

Get Your Teach On

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  • Janet Troxel

    I am listening to Patty’s podcast with Cassie Stephens. I am 57 and last year was my first year teaching art. Prior to that I was a preschool aide. I loved last year, but some days were crazy and exhausting. I have to say I am so intimidated by Cassie. I would love to have her energy and and talent. I follow her on Instagram and always want to ask her if she ever sleeps. Her house is probably always clean…lol

    • Patty

      Cassie is a special person. She pours a lot of her energy into her teaching and loves to share. There’s no need to be intimidated because (and I’m sure Cassie would say this), you are doing great! Truth is, teaching is hard. And we all shine at one thing or another. And the best way to know this is by being with other teachers, so I hope your a member of our Dazzlers FB group…so many like-minded teachers :). Here’s a link to join if you haven’t already:

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