How to Grow a Customer Base for Your Art Studio with Meri Cherry: AME 139



Do you have a studio based art business? If so, my conversation with Meri Cherry will be a game-changer for you. She doesn’t just offer strategies on filling your classes or how to decide what art to create–she goes much, much deeper.

We chat about how to know if you’re ready to expand, and at the same time, how to slow down.

We talk about the bigger issues of running a studio program for students: intention, environment, energy…all the good stuff!

And of course, we talk about her new book, Play, Make, Create: A Process-Art Handbook.


– What Meri’s journey of growing and expanding has looked like

– How you, too, can be ready for that next step

– Where to begin transforming, scaling, and growing

– Why word of mouth advertising and the power of ‘moms’ is so important to your success

– How your environment will become your third teacher




Meri Cherry’s Website

AME 039: Success Secrets of a Process-Based Art Studio

Play, Make, Create: A Process-Art Handbook by Meri Cherry

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  • Sue G

    What a wonderful conversation, so honest and open and a wealth of information. I really appreciated it!

    • Patty

      If you scroll down on this post, you’ll see an image that says to click button to access download. It’s purple. Just enter your name and email and we’ll send it to you.

      • Karla

        Helpful interview and info. DSS went hand in hand with other challenging factors and encouragements to push me to recently start some workshops from our home.
        Trying to figure how best to use the space and how much to push for more students and classes are challenging concepts, let alone actually doing well prepared sessions on a workshop day.
        In answer to prayers and a solid and involved friend support, we’ve begun with 4 students (outside of our own children) and another family for the future.
        It’s been such a treat – to plan, get to know these families, lead the classes, see the results, anticipate more!
        The interview has a helpfully balanced approach of encouraging going forth with hopes and goals, yet to walk in a timely and patient fashion. To enjoy the current stage and allow development time, while being atune to the people and climate around, before stepping bigger is stabilizing advice.
        Many thanks for good work from Patty and the kind sharing from Meri! Eager to keep implementing good plans, serving families in the art arena, and looking toward future possibilities – what a great opportunity to be able to honor our Creator in the art of His shared world!

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