Art Stories from Around the World with Sana Asad - Bahrain



Art Stories From Around the World – Bahrain: AME 058

Art Stories from Around the World with Sana Asad - Bahrain

Sana Asad is the second art teacher featured in our summer art series, Art Stories from Around the World by sharing her experiences while teaching art in Bahrain.

Born in Pakistan and into a culture where art is considered a craft to pass the time, Sana stuck to her dream of pursuing a career in art. After moving to Saudi Arabia and later to Bahrain, Sana opened an art studio in her home and began teaching children. Now she has a full-time after school art schedule, teaches workshops to adults and plans beautiful exhibits of her students work.

Today, we’re traveling to Bahrain to meet art teacher, Sana Asad.

Make sure to download Sana’s Bahrain Inspired art projects! Scroll down for the download button.


  • What art was like for Sana growing up in Pakistan
  • How there are certain challenges teaching art in Bahrain
  • Why she doesn’t only teach drawing and sketching
  • What the difference is between teaching in the public school system versus private institutions in Bahrain
  • What’s the most popular social media platform in the Middle East
  • Why word of mouth is more valuable than anything to Sana





Sana created two art projects that represent Bahrain: An architectural lesson that merges POP art and color theory (ages 6-10) and a Hamsa Fiber Arts project that builds fine motor skills (ages 3-5).

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Download two cultural art projects from Bahrain. Art Made Easy 058 with Sana Asad


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  • Taryn

    Hi Patty,
    I’m enjoying the Art Stories From Around the World Series. Curious to hear you say that teachers couldn’t source liquid water colours in Australia. I bought the Colorations brand from Educational Experience ( as a set of 8 tropical colours (super vibrant!). Educational Art Supplies ( also has ‘washable watercolour'(it doesn’t specifically say liquid watercolour in the product description, but as far as I can tell that’s what it is- it looks good! 14 colours, 250ml/$5.50 a bottle). Anyways, thought that might be helpful info for any Aussie art teachers out there!

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