Ted Harrison Northern Landscapes

Ted Harrison is one of Canada’s favorite painters. He was born in England in 1926 but immigrated to Canada’s Yukon in the 1950’s. His vibrant paintings of the people and the... Learn More


Emily Carr Art Lessons

EMILY CARR ART LESSONS For every girl who has dreamed of paving her own path, Emily Carr’s story will surely inspire. The youngest of five girls, Emily loved drawing from... Learn More




Kandinsky and the Rainbow Art Project

Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky’s paintings use color to show emotions rather than painting an object to look real. This concept is particularly intriguing to young children as they generally strive... Learn More


Degas Dancer Art Lesson

I’ve always been partial to drawing the human form. In fact, I really don’t think I’ve ever had any interest in drawing anything else. From a young age, I only... Learn More

Starry Night Multi-Media Art Lesson

After ten years of teaching art and creating lesson plans, I have finally settled on a Starry Night art lesson. This lesson combines so many art techniques: double-loading, experimenting with... Learn More



Paul Klee Art Lesson

PAUL KLEE ART LESSON Paul Klee has quickly become one of my favorite artists to showcase in my art room. Purchasing The Cat and the Bird by Geraldine Elschner and Peggy... Learn More


Gustav Klimt Art Projects

GUSTAV KLIMT ART PROJECTS OPTION ONE: TREE OF LIFE PAINTING Despite the detailed elegance of Gustav Klimt’s “Tree of Life” painting, this quick, calming art lesson can be completed in... Learn More


Diego Rivera’s Mother’s Helper Art Lesson

Diego Rivera is one of the most famous painters in the twentieth century. After studying in Spain and France, he returned to his homeland of Mexico. There he travelled across... Learn More


George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog Art Lesson

GEORGE RODRIGUE’S BLUE DOG ART LESSON George Rodrigue was born and raised in New Iberia, Louisiana.  What a colorful character he must be to produce such wonderful pieces of expressive... Learn More


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