Paul Klee Art Lesson

PAUL KLEE ART LESSON Paul Klee has quickly become one of my favorite artists to showcase in my art room.... View Article


Gustav Klimt Art Projects

GUSTAV KLIMT ART PROJECTS OPTION ONE: TREE OF LIFE PAINTING Despite the detailed elegance of Gustav Klimt’s “Tree of Life”... View Article


Diego Rivera’s Mother’s Helper Art Lesson

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Modern Masters Art Lesson Plans

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George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog Art Lesson

GEORGE RODRIGUE’S BLUE DOG ART LESSON George Rodrigue was born and raised in New Iberia, Louisiana.  What a colorful character... View Article


Modigliani Portraits in Chalk pastel

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Laurel Burch Cat Art Project

LAUREL BURCH CAT ART PROJECT I’ve been admiring this art project for a while now. VK Bowerman’s Laurel Burch Cat... View Article


Miro Art Lesson

Joan Miro, a Spanish artist who studied in Paris, is best known for his whimsical abstracts. Many of his paintings... View Article


Hundertwasser Watercolor Art Project

Here is an easy art project that takes minutes to complete. After studying Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and creating a colorful collage,... View Article