Modigliani Portraits in Chalk pastel

Modigliani portraits have become an art room staple, thanks in no small part to Kathy over at Art Project for Kids for providing a simple, foo-proof technique for imitating the... Learn More


Laurel Burch Cat Art Project

LAUREL BURCH CAT ART PROJECT I’ve been admiring this art project for a while now. VK Bowerman’s Laurel Burch Cat project is colorful and fun. VK doesn’t have a website,... Learn More


Miro Art Lesson

Joan Miro, a Spanish artist who studied in Paris, is best known for his whimsical abstracts. Many of his paintings combine lines and colors that create wonderful shapes that may... Learn More


Hundertwasser Watercolor Art Project

Here is an easy art project that takes minutes to complete. After studying Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and creating a colorful collage, some of my fifth grade students finished early. Instead of... Learn More


O’Keeffe Inspired Graphic Flowers

This Georgia O’Keeffe inspired art lesson is quick, easy lesson that all grade levels will enjoy. Needing a one-lesson project for the end of my sixth grade art rotation, I... Learn More


James Rizzi Birds Art Lesson

Artist James Rizzi has been providing my art students with fabulous inspiration this Fall. After finishing another James Rizzi art lesson before class was over, some students continued on the... Learn More

Hundertwasser Inspired Art Lesson

HUNDERTWASSER INSPIRED ART Hundertwasser is best known for his use of “bright, dark colors” and organic lines, including hi shamus spiral shapes.  For many of my fifth grade students, learning about... Learn More


James Rizzi Art Lessons

James Rizzi is a dynamic artist/illustrator who lived in New York City. His animated art style, rich in detail and expression, has a massive following. The simple black lines with... Learn More

Van Gogh Landscapes

Van Gogh’s “Wheat Fields with Cypresses” is one of my favorite paintings. There is a distinct separation between the foreground, middleground and background, making it a perfect example for a... Learn More


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