Winter Bird Art Lesson

Lois Ehlert’s book, Snowballs, is yet another inspiring book for elementary school art lessons. Instead of the featured snowmen, I... View Article


Laurel Burch Cat Art Project

LAUREL BURCH CAT ART PROJECT I’ve been admiring this art project for a while now. VK Bowerman’s Laurel Burch Cat... View Article


Fairy Tale Castles Art Project

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Patterned Matryoshka Dolls

Matryoshka dolls are wooden nesting dolls originating from Russia. They are handcrafted by folk artists and often feature a woman... View Article


Birch Trees Art Lesson

This is an easy art project that you can do with any aged child. Birch trees offer a dynamic contrast... View Article

Paper Zebra Art Project

I love zebras. From an art teacher’s point of view, zebras are a sure thing for an art lesson. Doesn’t... View Article


American Indian Art Lesson Plans

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Dinosaur Art Project

DINOSAUR ART PROJECT Drawing a dinosaur takes center stage in this dinosaur art project. Students sit up and listen as... View Article


Watercolor Birds Art Video

My second-grade students completed these simple oil pastel resist birds in one 45-minute class. It’s a pretty simple lesson… no-fuss... View Article