A Chat with Team Sparkle Marisa Gebert: AME 048




Marisa is a former K-8 art teacher from Georgia who was one of over 500 people who applied for a job as a standards writer for Deep Space Sparkle last Spring. Marisa helps teachers all over the world by providing documentation for all of the DSS lessons inside The Sparklers Members Club.

Life has changed a lot for Marisa, who went from working as an art teacher to staying home with her newborn so she could work from home. It’s not always an easy transition but she moved through it beautifully. Her positive approach to life has allowed her to make the decisions that have been right for her family.


  • How Marisa stuck with her love of teaching art, against the advisement of others
  • What grades and ages were more challenging for her than others
  • The various challenges of grading children’s artwork
  • Why Marisa always chooses to do what she loves (and how to see the value in that)
  • How your goals and dreams can change with different seasons of your life
  • How taking risks led her to her happiness
  • Why finding time to create art for yourself is so important




Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow by Marsha Sinter

Marisa’s Instagram

To see what a K-2 rubric looks like for one of our lessons inside the membership, feel free to  DOWNLOAD this FREE LESSON from THE MEMBERS CLUB:


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TO HEAR MARISA IN PERSON, join us at our DSS LIVE! event on June 23-24th in Santa Barbara.


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  • Natalie

    Is there a way to get copies of Marisa’a assessments?

    • Patty

      Home page, Day 4 Freebie! You can still download it 🙂

      • Natalie


        I downloaded the packet but all the assessments are part of the slides.. Am I missing copies of the assessments by themselves?

        • Patty

          No. The freebie is a copy of the Assessment Slide Deck. Unless you are a Sparkler inside our membership, the actual assessment and rubrics aren’t available to you. You can see though, how we use them in our lessons.
          (All of the actual forms are inside the membership.)

  • Amber Howard

    I am a member and cannot seem to find the assessment rubrics, like the images of the ones above? Where are they?

    • Bethany

      Hi Amber! You can find these rubics when you log in to The Sparklers’ Club and click on worksheets & resources under the Teachers Aide tab. If you need anything else you can also reach out to support@deepspacesparkle.com or ask your question in the private Facebook Community group where everyone is happy to help!

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