Cultivating a Management Mindset: AME 104



If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that you can’t teach art unless you have some sort of management plan in place. Art is really exciting for kids and often you’ll have eager students ready to create art, but it’s also very common to experience predictable issues like these:

– Talkative students

– Disruptive or disrespectful students

– Students who refuse to work

– Absent or continually tardy students

– Loud of out-of-control behaviors

Doesn’t matter what type of teacher you are: one who values organization and control or one who values connection, fun and chaos. Everyone experiences one or more of the above.

To manage the amount of frequency of the above behaviors, it’s all about setting expectations, establishing a flow and being consistent. This episode of Art Made Easy, is a recording of my featured presentation at one of my in-person art teacher workshops in Santa Barbara. Besides making art, I really wanted teachers to walk away with a few management nuggets.

In this episode, you’re going to hear my approach to engaging with kids and how I use a positive mindset to create a safe, inspiring and efficient class.

Management tips for the art teacher

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– The purpose of creating a management mindset

– The time in your schedule when you have the most influence on your students

– How to set your expectations for your students

– When remaining neutral works to your advantage

– My secret strategy: The Ten Minute Rule

– What can happen when you truly engage a child with art





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    lots of good reminders for this ol teacher!

  • alisonterry49

    HI there,

    I am having problems getting onto the website and downloading the class seating charts, and many more. I also want to hear the speech on classroom manangement. PLease help as school starts tomorrow~

    Thank-you so much,
    Alison Terry
    new member of the sparklers club.


    • Patty

      Hi Alison,
      First off, so happy yore a Sparkler!
      As a new member, we sent you a series of emails that aims to help you get familiar with the private Sparklers website. Please check the email account in which you paid for the membership.The, its best to white list or add Deep Space Sparkle to your safe sender list.

      Here is the URL for The Sparklers Club :
      I’d recommend starting at the START HERE page >

      You’ll find the training under TRAINING in the menu bar.

      If you have any trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact


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