6 Factors for a Successful Management Plan: AME 053

AME 053 Classroom Management plan

Classroom management is one of the hardest elements of being an art teacher. If you don’t have a plan, philosophy or strategy then art-making takes a back seat.

I believe it’s all about creating an environment in which your students look forward to coming to your class and equally important, creating an environment in which YOU want to come to class.

Here are my 6 factors to consider when making your classroom management plan.


  • Why the environment in the art room is so important to consider
  • How I used my own energy as a basis for my art room environment
  • Why inspiring lessons are so valuable
  • Why you don’t need to overthink the structure of your lessons
  • How I set the expectations in my art room
  • How your ego can work against you and take away perspective
  • Why having trust with children is so important (and how to maintain it)





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  • Gloria Mathews

    I really liked this podcast Patty. I think many times we are looking for a system for classroom management and we neglect to look inward first. That really is the key. As always, I learn so much from your podcasts! (And not one thing you said was too woo-woo!) 🙂

  • Betty

    just listened to classroom management podcast. I really needed to hear this!! I am a seasoned teacher – taught 6th grade for 10 years, moved to jr high art and LOVED IT!! But I needed full time work. Now I am teaching elementary art and OMG!!!! so much harder!!! I can’t wait for June 24th so I can learn more. Your lessons have saved me!! Thanks!!


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