AME 018 Do You Feel Like a Machine? How to create a sense of calm in your art room

Do You Feel Like A Machine? AME 108



Do you have enough time to prep?

Are you able to enjoy your job?

When do you sit and breathe?

I teach over 850 students at my school. There is little time built into my day to lesson plan, grade, hang/take down work, clean the room, and what ever the next thing is that admin assigns to me.

This was a question posted last week in the private Sparkler Facebook group. Perhaps you feel the same way? I know that at one point in my career, I had similar thoughts. And I suspect most art teachers would say this would be true.

But does it have to be your reality?

That’s what I want to explore today on the show: moving beyond technical tips or strategies and digging a bit deeper into the origins of this question.

We’re heading down the woo-woo path as I share my experiences with the Law of Attraction and how I used it to make me happier in my art room, happier at home and how I found my dream home.


– The approach I recommend to art teachers who are developing a curriculum

– How your own energy will affect your happiness level and the children that you serve

– What happens when you change your behavior towards children and the importance of consistency

– What the Law of Attraction is, my early experiences with it in the classroom and why things really “happen” to us

– How positivity can change your life and the way I got started on my journey of self-awareness

Tips to Help Overcome Frustrations:
1. Find a Mentor – who at your school seems applicable
2. Accept what you can’t change but change what you can – resist leads to frustration and blame
3. Remember you are the teacher. Children look to you for guidance, energy (calm, fun, inspiring) and above all to teach.






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Jess Lively

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  • Randi Belcher

    Such a great reminder that applies to every person and in every situation! Thank you!

  • Sarah

    Yes and yes and YES! ALL of this. I am sharing this episode with my principal and dean in hopes we can discuss the laws of attraction at our neck to faculty meeting. You put into words what I try to exemplify at school and at home. Thank you for putting this out into the universe!

    • Sarah


    • Patty

      Thank you Sarah…really. That means the word to me. I’m glad this podcast can offer the slightest bit of change or shift.

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