From nurse to watercolor artist with Gina Lee Kim Art Made Easy podcast with Patty Palmer



From Nurse to Watercolor Artist with Gina Lee Kim: AME 047

From nurse to watercolor artist with Gina Lee Kim Art Made Easy podcast with Patty Palmer

Did you go to school for one thing only to end up doing something entirely different?  Most often these types of career pivots happen to us once we discover that we need to create. If you yearn to create art full-time but are in a job you know isn’t meant for you, Gina’s story will resonate with you. Gina shares what moved her to create art, how she got published in magazines and how it all lead to a book deal.

Gina shares practical tips on how to keep inspired and how to work through obstacles.



  • How Gina used art therapy with her patients
  • Why it’s important to allow yourself to be a sponge for inspiration
  • When Gina does her best work
  • Why Gina loves watercolor paint and the secret benefits of painting with watercolor paints
  • What gave Gina the bravery to pursue her artwork submissions
  • Why it is important to carve out creative time
  • How clutter can effect your creativity
  • How Gina curates her studio space so that she is ready to create
  • How organizing your supplies can re-acquaint you their purpose
  • Why there is power in series work

Gina Lee Kim Orca Whales Series Art Made Easy Podcast episode 047


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Before Gina became a nurse, she took her first watercolor class at a local community college while working at a corporate job. She continued her watercolor obsession and taught children, youth and adult watercolor workshops as a volunteer for the Audubon Society. She continued to teach as a nursing student.

Gina is currently working on a watercolor and mixed-media book which will be out February 2018 (NorthLight Publishing).

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    Very nice interview. Looking forward to meeting Gina! I had to laugh about your comments about her organized studio. : ) I purposely set up our interview in my kitchen so you wouldn’t be able to see my messy studio. Clutter doesn’t bother my creativity. I do, however, keep clean water and a clean palette at my table at all times. Good tip for those who don’t!

  • cathy liontas

    Gina, your podcast was so helpful. I was reminded to be careful of what I say yes to and what I say no to. I recently retired as an elementary Art Teacher and now have the time to work more on my own art. I built an Art Studio in my house where I can work whenever I want to. I also started a small side business to bring Art to many different types of people and to provide me with income for paints, classes and travel expenses until my own Art gets into galleries.
    I work when I want to and I paint and draw as often as possible. I also do what you do, I set my studio up the night before already with a plan for what I will work on the next day. I have a back pack ready at all times for Plein Aire work, and a smaller travel bag and thumb box to paint from my car in cold weather.
    I log my “Art Hours” each week on a large calendar posted in my studio. My goal is 29hrs/wk. I like the idea of working on a series. I believe like you do, “Just Show Up”.
    Thank you, Patty, for your wonderful website. I’ve shared it many times with many Art Teachers.
    Thank you, Gina Lee

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