How to Deal with Overwhelm at Home or in the Classroom: Art Made Easy 031

How to Manage Overwhelm: Art Made Easy 031



How to Deal with Overwhelm at Home or in the Classroom: Art Made Easy 031

Are you feeling overwhelmed? I must admit that this year has been an intentionally busy one for me. In order to prevent overwhelm, I fall back on 5 strategies that keep me focused on what is important, what I value and the most important tasks I need to accomplished in a day.

This episode will help you identify when you are about to go down that overwhelm hole and how to get yourself back on track.

After you listen to the episode, let me know how you handle overwhelm. Share in the comments below…


  • How change can never happen without some level of being uncomfortable
  • How the recent expansion of Deep Space Sparkle is exciting, but overwhelming at the same time
  • The three main factors that contribute to overwhelm
  • When you give yourself permission to alter things with your own twists, the expectation placed on you go way down
  • How saying “Yes” too many times can lead to you feeling depleted
  • How information overload can lead you down the rabbit hole of overwhelm, and how choosing what to focus on can help
  • Why that “little voice” in our head doesn’t serve us
  • How the mind is a powerful tool that can be used to your advantage when facing overwhelm
  • Why going for a walk in nature often solves everything, particularly for someone who is introverted

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  • Glen Jorna

    Hi Patty,
    love your show. I’m thinking i might join the members club.
    I’m just wondering where you go to listen to the Oprah and Eckhart Tolle podcast?
    many thanks
    Glen (from New Zealand)

  • Lisa Krones-Whalen

    Oh my God, Patty! You did it again! You made available to me just what I needed to hear. Thank-you. After the classes today I had an unusual cluster of things that went wrong, my first class the teacher let a student teacher teach a quick math lesson before I was to go on. of course it went about 10 min. over so I started late and had to adjust the lesson and leave one of the elements out, but it also carried on to the next class, because I didn’t have enough prep done, or time to do it, for the next class. So, the next class started late and I had no time for lunch. The second teacher asked me to give her a better time frame for how long I’d be, because I told her E’d be a minute, but took longer, because I felt so bad. I went home feeling so dejected and out of sorts with a head-ache to boot.What I needed was food first thing, some nice cozy soup and to listen to your encouraging podcast. All better! Thanks!


      Oh Lisa, I so know what you mean. It’s SO hard to rebound from a schedule that is interrupted. I feel for you. Glad the podcast helped. That’s why i do it 🙂

  • Tee Bo

    Thanks Patty perfect timing. Yes I have been feeling overwhelmed. I love that tip about spending the same amount of time w each student. But some of those students need seat belts for their chairs! Walking is a life saver I walk during my break and after school I do a few miles. Nature is my best cure for everything.


      So happy to hear that! Yes, some kids sure require lots of energy.

  • Maryanne Clegg

    Hi Patty,

    This was spot on for me. Thank you for providing this practical, supportive and inspirational forum. I am so glad somebody else feels similarly overwhelmed by lists. I love your idea about the top 3 must-do’s do’s. I like your no train tips too. I am quite practiced at saying no, but as a sensitive person, still struggle with the offense taken at times when I do. Actually I just loved the whole podcast. Thank you.

    I hope to persuade my school to finance my joining the club in January. I am not in the United States. Is it a complicated process in this case?



      Hi Maryanne…I’m So So happy to hear that the podcast resonates with you. Sometimes it’s just me and that mic talking about things I feel are important. Glad someone listens!
      As for the Members Club. We can help with the invoicing/receipts for schools to reimburse you or pay for the program. It’s best to buy the yearly membership and renew yearly. It works out to be a better deal that way as well. Make sure to get on one of our mailing lists and we will send you info in early January about joining. 🙂

  • Kelly Kennedy

    Hi Patty,
    Thank you so much for putting this podcast together! This is a most important topic, Dealing with Overwhelm. I believe many of us are not so good at saying “No” and we fill our days up with activities and leave no space for ourselves.
    I didn’t think ANY of your ideas or techniques you spoke of were weird. In fact, I think you have yourself figured out so incredibly & you put into words and practice these things that make so much sense to the rest of us. You speak about life balance & share so many gems with us! Thank you!!!


      Thank you so much, Kelly! I’m so happy that what I’m thinking and feeling inside comes out in a somewhat articulate way. Thanks so much for listening!

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