How One Art Teacher Overcame Debilitating Challenges to Achieve Her Dream: AME 121



Have you ever considered what it must feel like to be overweight? Most of us can understand how it feels to be 20 pounds over-weight and even underweight, but weight on a grander scale – like 100 lbs. might be more challenging to understand.

Today’s guest, fellow art teacher and friend Cindy Ingram, bravely opens up to share her story of what it was like to move through the world with the challenges she carried around: not just her weight but suffocating debt. Her story is inspiring and uplifting and shows that with the right mindset, you can accomplish anything.


– The struggles Cindy faced and her ability to conquer them

– How losing a significant amount of weight has benefited Cindy personally and professionally

– Cindy’s three main goals with her weight loss, debt reduction and building a business

– What has been the biggest business challenge she’s faced and the mindset shifts she’s made to get to where she is today

– What advice Cindy has for others experiencing similar situations and how she is pursuing her next big goal




For more information on the Art Class Curator, visit their Website and Podcast.

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  • Lesly

    I truly appreciate Cindy’s honest words from her heart. Thanks for sharing your personal struggles and victoties with us the AME audience. I enjoyed the authenticity of this interview. I can definitely understand where’s she’s coming from. Thanks again for opening up and sharing your story.

    • Cindy Ingram

      Thanks so much, Lesly <3

  • Linda

    This is a great interview! Thank you for sharing from your heart. You are an encourager!

  • Audrey R Levinson

    Dear Patty and Cindy, I have also had weight loss surgery and found it to be an amazing tool for, like Cindy said shedding the lbs. so you can show the real you instead of the fat. I had this in 2005 and lost 115. I have gained 40 back but so what. I am an art teacher with the Syracuse City SChool District. My job is exhausting, daunting, and draining. However, and of course, there are wonderful things about it too. I teach 700 children a week with no minutes in between classes. Syracuse is the 13 most impoverished of the big cities in the country. A number of those homes go to the school that I teach at and this makes things quite complicated at times. This is my 25th year of teaching. I have a goal of teaching 5 more even though I don’t want to it’s a financial thing (pension). Then I want to move to Delaware where the taxes are low and the sun shines more than once in a while (I do take 10,000 units of vitamen D everyday). I want to just be an artist. I want to have a business creating pet portraits and any other projects I wish to do. I have done a few in the past year and people have really loved them. Not sure how to promote this type of business. Not feeling like I am the best in town – yet. Any clever ideas?> Audrey

  • Nikki

    Hello Patty and hello Cindy!!! I have been a Sparkler for a few years now and have also been an Art Class Curator follower for a while now! I use both to connect with other art educators, for inspiration, and for amazing lesson resources and artwork samples, and I wanted to say thank you!!! Cindy, you’re story is so incredibly encouraging and inspiring! Thank you for being courageous and sharing your story! <3

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