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Tonal Winter Landscape

TONAL WINTER LANDSCAPE As soon as I saw Slush Mountain (affiliate link) by Bjorn R. Lie, I couldn’t wait to break out my paints to re-create the beautiful illustrations. The book uses... Learn More



Draw, Paint & Sparkle!

It’s 5 am and I’m wide awake. The coffee is brewing so I take a seat in my new den with a view over Santa Barbara and the mountains. How... Learn More

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Van Gogh Artist Bundle

Van Gogh's use of color, texture and movement make him the perfect artist to introduce to children.

Vincent Van Gogh was born in Holland in 1853. He was part of a group of painters called Post-Impressionists. Artists during this time painted colors that expressed their emotions rather than portraying a realistic object. Van Gogh painted seriously for about 9 years and painted almost 900 paintings. Sadly he only sold one painting before he died at age 37. Note: Do not purchase this bundle if you are an active member of The Sparklers' Club. This Bundle is included in the membership.   This bundle includes everything you need to teach at any age grade (K-6) about Van Gogh's art, even if you are not an artist.  This bundle will walk you through how to teach kids to draw Van Gogh's most influential pieces of art and how to paint like Van Gogh using supplies you have at home or in the classroom as well as offer you drawing guides that make the process so much easier.   This lesson bundle uses these basic supplies: chalk pastels, oil pastels, tempera paint, and acrylic paints. Don't have any of these supplies? I always suggest alternate ways to color or paint a drawing. Use the worksheets, printable poster and coloring pages/drawing guides to make teaching easy.   The 8 lessons in this bundle are based on some of Van Gogh's most famous works of art: The Starry Night 1889, Irises and Vase with Irises, Sunflower Series, Wheat Field with Cypresses 1889.   Videos include: - Acrylic Sunflowers tutorial - Painted Irises tutorial - Sunflower Fields tutorial   Standards include: - Common Core Standards - "I Can" Statements - National Visual Arts Standards Checklists - Assessment Checklists   Resources include: - Van Gogh Art Poster - Drawing Guides/Coloring Pages - Van Gogh Student Worksheet... Learn More

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Teaching from a Cart – Art Made Easy 017

Do you teach art from a cart? Or travel from school to school with your car packed with art supplies and resources? Today’s guest Heidi O’Hanley has spent most of... Learn More

Ancient Dwellings Rock Art

This art project offers kids the opportunity to create their own rock art petroglyphs using terra cotta clay scraps and white paint. And the best part is that the project... Learn More




Steps to Hosting Painting Parties and Overcoming Obstacles with Heidi Easley: AME 002

Today on the podcast, I interview Heidi Easley, owner of Texas Art & Soul. Not only is Heidi a part-time K-5 art teacher but she runs a thriving paint party... Learn More



Fall Leaves Print Making Activity & Video

Need a beautiful, accessible project for kids? This fall leaves stencil project is perfect. You’ll need to gather 2-4 leaves per child or about 50 leaves for a 25-student class... Learn More



The Best Art Paper for Every Project

When I first began teaching, I had no idea how to teach art to kids. Kid’s art projects and supplies were not on my radar. One of the most nagging questions I had... Learn More

Paul Klee Artist Bundle

Need to teach a unit on Paul Klee? This Artist Bundle has you covered.   Paul Klee was born in Switzerland and loved both music and art. He had a unique style that was influenced by expressionism, cubism and surrealism.   Klee especially loved bright colors and simplicity in his painting. He painted objects that encouraged people to feel emotions rather than painting a realistic object. He liked to paint with as few lines as possible. Sometimes the objects or people he painted looked more like colors and shapes rather than the real thing.   This is called abstract art!   This bundle includes kid-tested art lessons that are easily taught, even if you don't consider yourself and artist. Klee's artwork is easily appreciated by children and is a popular artist to study in the elementary art room.   It includes everything you need to introduce Klee and his kid-friendly art concepts of color, composition and line to children in grades K-6. The lessons can be adapted for multi-age kids. Learn how to teach CUBISM to upper and lower elementary students by following my teacher scripts, cool techniques and engaging art lessons.   No fancy supplies required. I use basic art supplies like liquid tempera paint, watercolor paint, regular drawing paper, oil pastels, chalk pastels, markers and Sharpies (or waterproof black markers).   https://d3ndagut9sanks.cloudfront.net/2018-D/VID-Mar/Paul+Klee+Artist+Bundle.mp4  ... Learn More

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