Art from India: AME 071

Whenever I explore cultural art projects, I wonder if the lesson I plan will reflect on the values and traditions of the designated country. There have been so many times when I’m knee-deep in Google searches that I wish I could just call someone and have them tell me the most popular art styles in their country.

Today’s interview is that type of conversation. I spoke with Sparkler, Payal Wachhar, an art teacher from India who teaches in Australia. Payal and I talk about her passion for inquiry base learning and her favorite Indian art influences. Oh my goodness….the details, descriptions and her passion! So contagious.


  • All about Payal’s journey from India to Australia, and how she picked up so many different art skills along the way that she incorporates into her teaching today
  • Why she initially “hated” the idea of becoming a teacher (and what changed this)
  • Payal’s art philosophy and non-traditional ways of teaching art to her students
  • How customizing her teaching to her students needs is leading to a higher level of trust and more engagement from the kids
  • The ways she would design a curriculum around teaching the art of India
  • Why you should be paying attention to your own zone of genius and working the things you are good at into your lessons
  • How consistency in my lessons and being fair to everyone were keys to my teaching experience (and why I personally didn’t use any technology in my classrooms)






Payal’s favorite DSS lessons:

Chinese Dragons

Chicken Little & Henny Penny Art Project

Metallic Robot Drawing

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