What it's like creating art in a small group setting Art Made Easy 049 Creating Art at Home



Teaching Art at Home: AME 049

What it's like creating art in a small group setting Art Made Easy 049 Creating Art at Home

With the deadline of my first book approaching, I have uncovered a few differences between teaching art in a small group setting and teaching art in a classroom. Having a series of private workshops for the kids who are helping me with my book has allowed me to witness first hand what a private or small-group based art-making experience is like for parents and studio owners.  I’m able to explore paint options and drawing techniques that I might have avoided in a traditional classroom setting but seems really natural with a small group. While the distinctions will be featured in my book, today’s episode will identify my initial reactions to the differences.

Today’s episode is an informal chat about what I discovered and how it will impact my book.


  • How I use workshops in my studio to help write my book
  • How the projects in the book differs from lessons plans found on Deep Space Sparkle
  • The differences in teaching for specific grade levels as opposed to a range of children’s ages
  • The benefits of leaving one part of an art project structured and leaving the rest to a child’s creativity
  • What art supplies are great for small groups but not suited for large classroom settings
  • How children react differently in a classroom setting versus a small group setting

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