What it's like creating art in a small group setting Art Made Easy 049 Creating Art at Home

Teaching Art at Home: AME 049



What it's like creating art in a small group setting Art Made Easy 049 Creating Art at Home

With the deadline of my first book approaching, I have uncovered a few differences between teaching art in a small group setting and teaching art in a classroom. Having a series of private workshops for the kids who are helping me with my book has allowed me to witness first hand what a private or small-group based art-making experience is like for parents and studio owners.  I’m able to explore paint options and drawing techniques that I might have avoided in a traditional classroom setting but seems really natural with a small group. While the distinctions will be featured in my book, today’s episode will identify my initial reactions to the differences.

Today’s episode is an informal chat about what I discovered and how it will impact my book.


  • How I use workshops in my studio to help write my book
  • How the projects in the book differs from lessons plans found on Deep Space Sparkle
  • The differences in teaching for specific grade levels as opposed to a range of children’s ages
  • The benefits of leaving one part of an art project structured and leaving the rest to a child’s creativity
  • What art supplies are great for small groups but not suited for large classroom settings
  • How children react differently in a classroom setting versus a small group setting




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My book deal and writing a book proposal

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  • Erin

    I can’t seem to open this episode in iTunes. Have others had a problem trying to play it? I’m really looking forward to hearing it since we homeschool!

    • Patty

      I asked my podcast editor to look into it. It’s loaded on our podcast player yet it is not appearing in iTunes. You can listen via the play button above for now. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Taryn

    I’m having the same issue as Erin. This episode hasn’t appeared on my iTunes Art Made Easy feed & I can’t seem to play it direct from Deep Space Sparkle either.

    • Patty

      See response above. Thanks!

  • Cristie

    Have been trying to open this episode and it isn’t working.

    • Patty

      See response above…thanks!

  • Stephanie Trax

    Hello! I’m a homeschooler and just want to say….market your book to us! I haven’t read it yet but it sounds like it would be perfect for homeschoolers working with their own children or teaching in a co-op setting…both are often groups of 4+ children and multi-age:) I can’t wait to read it!

    • Patty

      Will do!

  • Casey Hayes

    I’m not able to listen to this episode

  • Mary Cunningham

    Looking forward to your book Patty. In September I open a little art studio for children in my area. It’s a first for me so lots to learn!! Thank you all the way from Ireland xx

    • Patty

      Hi Mary! Congrats on your studio. How wonderful! Enjoy it…it sounds like heaven. 🙂

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