3 things that hold teachers back from loving their jobs ame 142

The 3 Things that Hold Teachers Back from Loving Their Job: AME 142



Being successful as an art teacher means more than teaching kids how to draw or paint. It means getting kids to listen and sit and follow directions so that they have the capacity to learn to draw and paint.

It isn’t easy.

If you’ve been feeling a bit discouraged with how your students are behaving in your art room – especially if their behavior is really causing you to rethink your occupation– then it might mean it’s time to take a step back and give yourself a little check up.

Even if everyone tell you that you’re doing fine or you’re doing the best you can, sometimes there is a knowing that we can do better.

Have you ever felt that?

It’s super hard to articulate.

It can feel sticky …that something isn’t right but you brush it off and hope it goes away.

I see it happening to member in my groups. It comes out of frustration. Something relatively easy to fix or solve feels monumental to the teacher.

When that happens to me…when I get frustrated, or super annoyed or starting to really complain about someone…I know I’m blocked or unable to shift my perspective.

Basically, it’s on me to fix it.

So this episode is all about the stickiest of things: behavior management (or lack of) in your art room.

Yes…I’m going there…sharing what I think teacher need to hear if you truly want to love your job.


– How children are always changing and why we have to adapt how we connect with them

– The steps to take to create a classroom management plan (and stick with it)

– How building a trusting relationship with your students before getting into the classroom will positively impact your entire year

– Why teachers need to treat all students equally, and wipe the slate clean each and every day

– How your emotional responses to misbehavior can affect the energy in your classroom




Classroom Management for Art, Music & PE Teachers by Michael Linsin

Smart Classroom Management Website

Easy Management Tips for Creating Your Dream Art Class: AME 012

Classroom Management Strategies that Work for You: AME 088

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  • Linda Tvedt

    I was ecstatic to see that there was a new podcast episode… and it is spot on!

  • Karla

    Great, practical wisdom~

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