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My newest baby has almost arrived. Over the course of the next three weeks, Neil and I will be releasing portions of the Art School for Kids Curriculum. No. We’re not trying to employ clever marketing techniques; the videos have just taken much longer to export than expected. We are over the moon with the program. Here’s a few of the features: 6 art lessons per grade level K-6 6 high … Read More →

Creating a Rainbow-Video

How to mix paints for Kid's art projects

A reader asked me how to mix paints the way I do for my art lessons. She asked for a recipe, but I’m afraid to say there really isn’t one. This video shows how I mix paints for my art projects. Of course, not every project requires this amount of prep, and in many cases, its best to let kids mix their own paint colors. But sometimes it helps to … Read More →

Paper Weavings + Video


After 10 years of teaching art, I have never done a weaving project. Usually the classroom teachers take care of this standard but I couldn’t help myself. Inspiration from Art For Small Hands was enough to push me to try this new medium. I loved it and so did the kids. I’m not going to lie, though. This project took a bit of investigating to see how to teach this … Read More →

Painted Paper Video


Painted paper is a must-have for every art room. Children LOVE creating painted paper and the ideas for lesson ideas are endless. Here is a mini (1 minute) video showing you the steps to make painted paper at home or in the classroom. Enjoy! For a complete photo-tutorial, visit my post on How to Make Painted Paper



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Welcome to DSS. I'm an art teacher to 400 elementary kids in Goleta, California. This is where you will find a library of art lessons, handy PDF lesson plans and resources to make teaching art to kids a whole lot easier.
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