Inspired by Nature Anatomy & Summer Art Ideas

How many times have you done a lesson on a butterfly and your second graders know more about butterfly anatomy than you do? I used to struggle to remember whether the body... Learn More

Media Equipment for Art Teachers

I’ve been creating videos for art teachers for over 12 years. You’d think that I would be a pro at it now, but sadly, not the case. I’ve had the... Learn More

Snowflake Collage

I have a secret…I LOVE sparkle. Okay, so maybe it’s hardly a secret at all with a name like Deep Space Sparkle, but with the mess that comes with using... Learn More



How to Teach FORM without a Kiln

This is the ninth tutorial in our series CONNECTING WITH THE ELEMENTS – How to teach the Elements & Principles of Art. This week we’re featuring FORM. I know what... Learn More

Make your own sketchbook for less than 50 cents

MAKE YOUR OWN SKETCHBOOK FOR LESS THAN 50 CENTS I’ve been a bit obsessed lately. I’ve been making my own sketchbooks to record my thoughts as I experiment with a... Learn More



Transitioning from Art Volunteer to Art Teacher

Ten years ago, I was just getting my sea legs as an art teacher. After three years in the art room, I had grown from teaching 9 hours a week... Learn More

How I teach Directed Line Drawings

You either love ’em art hate ’em. Directed drawings can be the antithesis of your art philosophy or your biggest joy. I happen to fall a bit in between. I... Learn More

Watercolor Paints & Paper: What Works Best

Here’s a question I get asked a lot: Can I use regular paper with my watercolor paints? Or do I need to use watercolor paper? The answer is yes! I like... Learn More

Gustav Klimt: Master of Metallics

Introducing Gustav Klimt to your students is really like opening up a pot of gold. There are so many interesting facets to his art and his life. One of the most impactful... Learn More

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