Recycled Cardboard Lion

This lively little lion, inspired by the illustrations of Clare Youngs, is sure to have your students roaring with excitement! With only a few basic shapes involved, students can easily... Learn More



How to Draw with Oil Pastels | Tulip Drawing

If you’re wondering how to teach students how to draw and color with oil pastels, today’s video tutorial is designed to do just that. I adore tulips and used them... Learn More

Here, Near & Far Winter Landscape

One of my favorite things to teach children is landscape because it involves concepts that they see often, but may have never really thought about before. One of those concepts... Learn More



Beautiful Blackbird Art Project

This lesson is a wonderful addition to you Black History Month collection of lessons. Children learn about the world of artist Ashley Bryan and his book Beautiful Blackbird, while creating... Learn More



Geometric Hearts Valentine’s Day Project

Learning how to connect the dots to form lines looks easier than it really is. That is not to say that this project is difficult, but it is best for... Learn More




How to Make Your Own Splatter Box

Splatter painting (AKA embracing your inner Pollock) is an essential component of an elementary school art program. If you’ve never done splatter painting with your students, you are totally missing... Learn More

Symmetrical Christmas Tree

Create a Christmas tree that reinforces my favorite art concept: symmetry. Folding a piece of paper and snipping away to create an incredible shape is always a HUGE hit with... Learn More

How to Make Your Own Glitter Paper

I love glitter. It makes everything special. My favorite memories of teaching art to kids was during the sparkly month of December (and February for Valentine’s Day) when I would... Learn More

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