Watercolor Techniques: a 6th grade experiment

Children experiment with watercolor techniques. From DSS

Building up to my sixth grade student’s big unit on watercolors, I wanted to remind them of the various ways in which they can use watercolor paint.  Even though I use watercolors in every grade level and I have taught these children since first grade, it never hurts to remind the children, through their own experiments, of the unique qualities of watercolors. To begin, each student received a 12″ x … Read More →

Video:Double Loading Painting Technique

double-loading-painting art-project

Double loading is a painting technique I use in all my art classes. It’s super easy, eliminates some common painting problems like using too much water , plus it’s truly beautiful. After many requests asking me to explain how I teach this cool technique, I have finally done it! Here is a short video (1:45 seconds) showing how the the process works… Here are some art lessons that use the … Read More →

Watercolor Art Projects for Grades 4-6


The best watercolor projects start out as great drawings. Learn my simple techniques for creating wonderful pen drawings and the best approach to enhancing each project with pan and liquid watercolors. Designed to enhance upper grade units of study, the booklet can also be purchased with access to three video lesson tutorials! This 21-page booklet offers THREE art lesson plans: The White House: Learn to draw the White House using … Read More →

How to get children to draw big


How do you encourage children to produce images large enough to paint or color? It’s a great question, isn’t it? One of my DSS Facebook readers asked this very question so here is my response…. How you choose techniques and tools will greatly determine how “big” a child will draw. Pencils are not a regular part of my art room for the mere fact that they encourage details and details are … Read More →



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