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Children's Books for the Fall Season

...much. The illustrations are as gentle, flowing, and as transitional as autumn. Just about any project that includes fall leaves, birch trees or fall trees would make a lovely companion...... Learn More

Fall Tree Perspective Art Project

...you drawing guide below! Take it Outside If you have lots of trees around you, take children outside and lay down under the base of a large tree. It works...... Learn More




How to Draw and Paint Watercolor Folk Art Trees

...folk art trees: HOW TO DRAW AND PAINT FOLK ART TREES Draw tree trunks with a Sharpie or waterproof black marker. Draw larger trees near the bottom of the paper...... Learn More



Birch Trees Art Lesson

...the leaves over the trees, just like falling leaves in Autumn. Glue where they fall. Aren’t they beautiful? Second and Third Grade Birch Trees… LEARN ABOUT THE MEMBERS CLUB AND...... Learn More

Watercolor Birch Trees Lesson

Everyone has done a watercolor birch trees art lesson. They are such a lovely tree, stripped of their leaves and shimmering with black and white bark. Most kids in Southern...... Learn More


Book Review & Here, Near & Far Winter Trees Lesson

...Cut out trees. Paper clip the trees together and write t he child’s name on one of the trees. Set aside for day two…. 4. The next day, hand back...... Learn More



The Sketchbook Project #3: Tree Line Drawings

...straight out and tell you, although this project looks super easy and quick, it was a HUGE challenge. My instructions went like this: Draw “trees” with a Sharpie (draw trees...... Learn More




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Watercolor Leaves Resist Project

...projects: Textured Fall Leaves Art Lesson Watercolor Folk Art Trees Falling Leaves Art Project The October Freebie pack is chock full of Fall themed lessons, drawing guides, technique tips and...... Learn More


Fall Leaves in Tissue Paper

Nothing is more beautiful than a tree emboldened with crimson and pumpkin colored leaves. In Santa Barbara, we have few trees that display this wonderful show but our imaginations make...... Learn More


Cozy Hibernating Bear Using Tempera Paint and Simple Materials

...for the back. Add a curved line for the bear’s cozy cave up and around the head. On the ground below, draw grass. Draw some simple pine trees in the...... Learn More

Drawing Barns and Rural Settings

...the kids how to paint blades of grass using wet-on-dry technique, clumps of trees in the distance and then finally, adding shading/wood panels on barn with a black pencil crayon....... Learn More

Old Bear: Leaf Print and Bear Painting

...paper Fresh leaves snipped from trees White, orange, gold and bronze tempera paint Smooth, flat brushes Scratch paper I place a variety of leaves found around the school yard on...... Learn More


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