Art Books for Children

A summer day without any specific plans turned into a delightful stroll along Santa Barbara’s State Street with my daughter, Elly. First stop? The Santa Barbara Museum of Art bookstore.... Learn More

Elephant Art Project

Eric Carle’s latest book The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse is as delightful as the rest of his other titles. Journey through a young artist’s imagination as he paints a... Learn More


Pantone Colors Art Lesson

Color mixing is one of the most rewarding paint experiences in art class. Children love to squish, mingle and mix paint until there is nothing left but a big blob... Learn More


George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog Art Lesson

GEORGE RODRIGUE’S BLUE DOG ART LESSON George Rodrigue was born and raised in New Iberia, Louisiana.  What a colorful character he must be to produce such wonderful pieces of expressive... Learn More


Winter Bird Art Lesson

Lois Ehlert’s book, Snowballs, is yet another inspiring book for elementary school art lessons. Instead of the featured snowmen, I gravitated towards the wonderful winter bird in birch trees. I... Learn More


How to Draw a Truck

Drawing trucks is one of my most requested how-to-draw subjects in art class. I love the stories of the people who drive them, the cargo they haul and the best... Learn More


Hooray for Fish Art Project

If you haven’t seen Lucy Cousins’ Hooray for Fish! I encourage you to find it at your nearest bookstore. It is filled with vibrant colors, fast read text and the most adorable... Learn More


Do YOU Have a Hat?

A while ago, I stumbled across the most adorable children’s books. Do You Have a Hat? written by Eileen Spinelli and illustrated by Geraldo Valerio features the hats of some very famous... Learn More


Princess and the Pea Art Lesson

Here is a great lesson that uses oil pastels/crayons and watercolor for a classic resist lesson. Very easy to draw, this Princess and The Pea project can be achieved in... Learn More




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