30 Essential Books for the Art Classroom

To help get you inspired for this upcoming school year, we’ve compiled a list of our 30 must-have children’s picture books for the art room and wanted to share them... Learn More

8 Tips for Nurturing a Positive Art Teacher Mindset

No matter where you are in your teaching career, there’s never a bad time to check in with how you are feeling, your stress level, workload and overall well-being. Teaching... Learn More

The Ultimate Guidebook for New Art Teachers

Are you teaching art for the first time? Welcome to the best job on earth! Spending your days taking inspiration from the greats and experimenting with crayons, pastels and paint... Learn More

Top Eight Tips for Teaching Art to Children

I love teaching art to children and my philosophy is quite simple: to engage, inspire and teach art with age-appropriate techniques and subjects. I’ve only been teaching art to children... Learn More

8 Bad Behavior Squashers for your Art Room

Classroom management is one of the hardest parts of being an art teacher, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s every art teacher’s dream to have a room... Learn More

Deep Space Sparkle Reader Survey 2022 Results

It’s been seven years since I asked about you. I mean really asked… So, I decided it was time I asked again. Over 1,200 of you said yes to sharing... Learn More

Painting Tips for Kinders and PreK

I had three Kinder classes one year with one of the classes being considered a Transitional Kinder combo. What does this mean? In California, Transitional Kinders are children who are... Learn More




How to Teach Art using the Elements and Principles of Design

Creating a cohesive, schematic curriculum full of lessons that will excite your students is the dream of art educators. But it can be a daunting task. Sourcing and gathering a... Learn More

How to Teach Line & Pattern | Elements and Principles of Design

Line is one of the first elements of art that sets the foundation for art making in elementary school. Teaching children about line empowers them to see how simple lines... Learn More

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