How One Art Teacher Raises Funds with Art Auctions: AME 113

Krista Hilmen is a former high school English teacher turned art teacher at her children’s charter school. Learn how Krista raises funds for her art program through a successful art auction. She shares what the most popular projects are, how her auction committee manages the tasks and how she decorates the venues. If you are considering doing an art fundraiser, this episode will leave you inspired!

We selected Krista for November’s Sparkler Spotlight and as a result, she gets to interview me! Krista asked these questions:

– Is there a medium you really dislike using? If so, how do you work around that in the classroom knowing it’s best to expose the kiddos to as much as possible?

– Do you have a favorite artist, art movement or genre?

– Your lessons are always successful with my students and one of the reasons I use them time and time again. What is your process for creating these and testing them to be sure you have created something with such guaranteed success?


– How Krista transitioned from teaching English to Art

– What Krista has done to generate revenue for her classroom by running shows

– How she got started using Instagram and the ways she uses that platform to build support for her program

– What is my own process for creating art projects and a big mistake that I see many teachers making

– What Krista’s best tips for classroom management are and the reward systems she uses with her children





Download Krista’s free resource, Cozy Holiday Cats by clicking the image below. Type in your name and email and we’ll send it to you!

You can connect with Krista on Instagram at artsatplaceracademy

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  • Kathryn

    I’d love to learn more about how to host a fundraiser like this. Do parents really bid thousands of dollars on a single piece of collaborative art? I’m wondering if that would be an inclusive fundraiser and what are some of the ways people have run these events.

    • Patty

      Hi Kathryn,
      Believe it or not, parents do bid that high on individual pieces of art BUT it’s something that takes a few years to cultivate the environment. In my experience working as fundraising chair and auction chair, a single silent/art auction can raise a lot of money through these exclusive kid-created art. In one of my title 1 schools, about 20% of the parents raised 80% of the funds. That can be typical. Another way my title 1 school raised over 11K dollars was to create a ceramic tile mural. Each family had the opportunity to buy a $25 the or a $75 tile. Their names would be personalized on the tile. So many options!

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