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Behind Dot Day Projects – The Benefits of Expressive Art: AME 065



International Dot Day, based on Peter Reynold’s book, The Dot, is coming up on September 15th. The Dot is the story of Vashti who is overwhelmed at the sight of a blank piece of paper. Her art teacher gently encourages her to explore art her way. Most art teachers consider Peter Reynold’s books essential reads for the art room as he addresses the issues children face when learning how to be an artist.

What I love about the story is the underlying importance of expressive art. This episode takes a look at why expressive art is so important for children and offers you a variety of art projects that are not only perfect for Dot Day.

I can’t wait to hear how you celebrate Dot day and what projects work for you!


  • Why expressive art is so important to include in your art room plans
  • How The Dot can help you create a new focus for your class
  • What lessons can be learned from The Dot to overcome various challenges and empower your students
  • Why you need to take a cautious approach to doing any kind of directed drawing project, especially with younger children
  • How craft paper can be used for projects that all children contribute to




Dot Day Song

Dot Day Lyrics


Here’s a short video I created for a watercolor project to celebrate Dot Day. All you need is a square piece of watercolor paper, water-soluble oil pastels/gel sticks OR you can use non-soluble oil pastels to create a true resist.

Then, just use liquid watercolor paints  to create this happy dot. Reminds me of a Yellowstone’s Geyser!

Tint & Pattern Circles

Kandinsky and the Rainbow Art Project

Color, Line and Pattern Art Project

Hundertwasser Art Lesson for Kids

What do you think?

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  • janet

    I just listened to Art Made Easy 065 about the Dot Projects for the first days of school. The color examples are easy to decode along with the descriptions and the suggested age levels. You make everything so easy and fun for the kids …and also for me as a teacher. I’m going to try this out in the after-school art enrichment program that I teach in. Thank you!
    Janet Crawley

    • Patty

      You are so welcome!

  • Misty

    Thank you so much for posting these lessons and videos. I love all the projects you do. It is awesome that you are willing to share. I’ve used quite a few of your ideas in my classroom, adapting them as needed for my students and what we are aiming to produce.

  • Mary Anne

    Your podcast and Dot lessons came at a perfect time! Today was a practice watercolor day for my 4th graders – so we made it an International Dot Day! It was nice (and easy) to have the kids make their own circles in various sizes instead of my teacher made worksheet – what a great buy-in from all the kids! Thanks for creating a quick 1-n-done practice for my kids – what fun 🙂

    • Patty

      That’s so good to hear! Thanks Mary Anne!

  • Therese Fossen

    can you link to the first lesson you described? the watercolor drip

    • Patty

      I created the video for this post but didn’t create any written documentation. It’s for your viewing pleasure only!

  • Gloria Mathews

    Great ideas Patty! Thanks so for always sharing with us!

  • renee roberts

    I always enjoy your ideas, patience, sense of humor and creative spirit!

  • Alison Morgenstern

    Fantastic advise Patty on your Successful Management Plan talk! I truly appreciate all your wonderful advise. You have helped guide me so much in the past year and I am beyond grateful. I can’t thank you enough.

  • Claudia

    Thank you for this. As a past Sparkler and current teacher trying to simplify lessons for virtual and in person learning I am thankful you shared this today. I’ve got to figure out the no shared supplies thing for that collaborative circle lesson for my lessons tomorrow! Thanks again.

  • Jean Cossey

    Very inspiring. Thank you. I love your experiences in the real world. Very helpful.

  • Natalie McKalip

    Hey, I enjoyed the show. I have my students participate in International Dot Day. Thanks for sharing your lessons for creating expressive art.

    • Team Sparkle

      Thanks for tuning in Natalie 🥰

  • Leslei N Bingo

    Hi Patty?
    I have listened to and watched your pod cast for years. I love your lessons . I have used some of your ideas over the few years. Thank you for sharing your ideas , projects and love through your art with the world and with me.
    Gladness and Joy be yours,

    • Team Sparkle

      Thank you so much for the kind words Leslei 💖

  • Marianne Le Guyader

    Thank you so much for sharing such inspiring ideas!!! You are so generous with tips and links, of course I will let my students know where I got the ideas for Virtual Art Class…

  • Irene Anderson

    Great inspiration. Thank you patty

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