Interview with Nikki McClure

While searching for a literature tie-in for my Apple Art Lesson, I found Nikki McClure’s exquisite book Apple. This story takes you on a visual journey of the life cycle... Learn More

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Watercolor Leaves Resist Project

A simple, yet lovely art lesson that builds upon the principles of watercolor applications. My fifth grade students used liquid watercolor paints, “black” glue (white school glue mixed with black... Learn More


Birch Trees Art Lesson

This is an easy art project that you can do with any aged child. Birch trees offer a dynamic contrast to many backgrounds. The opportunities are endless. I did a... Learn More

Painted Pumpkin Art Project

Looking for a quick, theme-based October art lesson for Kinders? This adorable pumpkin art project teaches cutting and pasting skills as well as color mixing. Tina via “Artsy_T Flickr fame” created... Learn More




Ceramic Leaf Bowls

I’ve always wanted to try these leaf bowls but was never really sure how to do them. Lori over at Fun Art for Kids provided the inspiration and the know-how.... Learn More

Ceramic Turkey Bowls

I search for as many clay project ideas as I can. For some reason, I need the security of knowing that another art teacher has tried the lesson and was... Learn More

Sunset Silhouettes

These stunning sunset silhouettes were created by third grade students. I must admit, that although many of my students found this project fun, many found it extremely challenging. I think... Learn More


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Watercolor Leaves Art Lesson

Need a quick, easy lesson that can be completed in 30 minutes? These fall leaves are perfect. All you need is:– Crayons/oil pastels– Liquid watercolor paints– Regular sulphite paper (I... Learn More




Autumn Collage Art Project

My wee first graders splattered their way to a beautiful autumn collage. The process was fun (painting paper) and skill building (drawing, cutting and pasting). If you have pumpkins and... Learn More


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