Paper Owl Art Project

Wow your students and start the art year off with a painted paper art project. There is simply nothing more engaging to students than experimenting with paint. So grab your... Learn More

How to Get Children to Draw Big

How do you encourage children to produce images large enough to paint or color? It’s a great question, isn’t it? One of my DSS Facebook readers asked this very question so... Learn More

Color, Line and Pattern Art Project

COLOR, LINE & PATTERN ART PROJECT Kinders started their year exploring lines, patterns and color. On the very first day of art class, I read the children Art by Patrick... Learn More


Diego Rivera’s Mother’s Helper Art Lesson

Diego Rivera is one of the most famous painters in the twentieth century. After studying in Spain and France, he returned to his homeland of Mexico. There he travelled across... Learn More


Watercolor Iguana Art Lesson

Here is an easy watercolor art project starring an interesting creature…iguanas! My fourth grade students had a blast drawing the iguana with a black oil pastel and then using watercolors... Learn More


Underwater Hippo Art Lesson

Who doesn’t love hippos? Aren’t they the strangest creature? My second and third grade students agree and we discussed the anatomy of the hippo as we drew their robust bodies.... Learn More




I Can Draw a Sheep!

SUPPLIES: Tempera paint Sulphite Paper Oil pastels Small brush THE SHEEP Drawing sheep may seem like the easiest animal in the world to draw, but I found that they can... Learn More


The Primary Portrait Project: Oil Pastel

Portraits are the quintessential elementary art project and for good reason–they are adorable and a keepsake that every parent appreciates. But some portrait lessons are better than others. It’s fascinating to... Learn More


Oil Pastel Owl Art Lesson

It’s no secret that I love owls. Kids do, too. For this owl art lesson, I gave my sixth grade students a few “owl” options: a realistic owl, a whimsical... Learn More


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