Dealing with Disrespectful Students: AME 118



Do you deal with disrespectful students and general low engagement in the art room? If you just raised your hand, you are not alone. There has been a flurry of advice-seekers in our Facebook group recently that are struggling with this very problem. So what’s an art teacher to do?

An effective classroom management plan is necessary yet sometimes our plan is not clearly defined or easily attained. In fact, we may start the year with a great plan only to have it waver. Students test the system and soon you find yourself immersed in a situation that isn’t benefiting anyone.

The first thing we might do is try new strategies: a new reward system or a new game only to find the class back where we started.

When practical solutions are no longer serving you, it helps to take a look at what’s going on in your own head: Here are some questions I used to ask myself when I felt a bit threatened in my class:

1. Is it my ego talking or is this student truly evil? Another way of saying this is: Have I looked for solutions for this problem or justifications of my feelings?

2. Am I qualified to help this student? Have I reached out to my peers or admin for assistance?

3. Is my art room set up in a way that meets the needs of this particular group of students?


– How to tell when your losing control of your classroom

– What role your ego plays in your classroom management process

– Why there’s power in confiding in your fellow teachers

– How to determine if your art room is set up for the needs of your students

– How past episodes of AME can help you with your classroom management skills





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How To Cultivate Craftsmanship in Your Art Room: AME 092

Head, Heart & Hand: The Waldorf Approach to Managing Young Artists: AME 090

6 Factors for a Successful Management Plan: AME 053

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