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How to Teach Kids to use Colored Pencils | Earth Day Coloring Pages

Have you ever started a project using colored pencils where students rushed through their work and end up with scribbles instead of a nice, evenly colored space? If so, then...... Learn More

The Best Colored Pencils

  Colored pencils, when used properly, can impart a wonderful quality to artwork. When combined with markers, colored pencils can add tints and values to an otherwise flat image. Having...... Learn More

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The Top 5 Watercolor, Colored Pencil and Crayon Sets for Kids

...the most exquisite colored pencils for children’s art. They might even inspire me to create a colored pencil lesson for kindergarteners. You might not know this, but I generally avoid...... Learn More

Horace Pippin Imagination Drawings

...appear outside your window? I gave each student a piece of 12″ x 18″ 90-lb watercolor paper, a pencil, a tray of watercolor paints, colored pencils, a brush and some...... Learn More


Valentine's Day Cat

For this art project, I’ll show you how you can use marker, liquid watercolor paints and colored pencils to create a simple Valentine’s Day project that looks great with multiple...... Learn More



Pre-Historic Fish Art Lesson

...texture) exclusively for this project. The colored paper really seemed to ignite the children’s imagination. They used metallic colored pencils (the results of which were lovely on the textured paper),...... Learn More

Llama Art Project

...pencils or even watercolor paint. Allow the paint to dry a bit before using markers (or colored pencils) to color in all the decorative details. DOWNLOAD THE LLAMA PROJECT GUIDE...... Learn More



4 Things to Organize at the End of the Year

...you can keep track of which grade levels have already completed that project. 2.) SUPPLIES (Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils) If after an entire school year of use, your supply bins...... Learn More

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Peter Rabbit Watercolor Project

...regular pencil, because younger students tend to push really hard with pencils, making dark lines difficult to erase. The fluidness of higher quality colored pencils like Prismacolors encourages students to...... Learn More



Mexican Folk Art: Symmetrical Floral Designs using Markers

...anything you’d like: crayons, watercolor, colored pencils, the sky is the limit to your choices! For more information on joining, sign up to our waitlist HERE. Click the button below...... Learn More




Van Gogh Inspired ¾ View Portraits

...to draw this type of portrait with older kids and are using watercolor paints or even colored pencils to color with, use pencils. Okay….the hardest part is over but the...... Learn More


Tonal Winter Landscape with Sports Figures

...stores. Use markers, colored pencils, or even cake tempera paint to color in the sports figures. Carefully cut out the sports figure. PAINTING THE TREES… Once the background layer has...... Learn More



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