4 Steps to Designing Your Perfect Art Program: AME 064



Teaching art to hundreds of children requires creativity, passion, and buckets of planning time. I spent years developing an art program that represented my personal preferences for art but also incorporated elements that brought out the best in even the most reluctant artist.

Download the Art Teacher’s Toolkit and follow along as I share what to consider so that your art program allows you to teach with clarity, confidence, and ease.




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  • Darline Rappe

    I really am enjoying these sessions. I did not see a yellow button to receive the Art tool kit

    • Patty

      If you scroll down the post you’ll see a red tab with a yellow box inside. It says “Yes Please! Send the Freebie!”Enjoy!

  • Lauren DiStasio

    I’ve downloaded the freebie a few times and checked spam. I haven’t received it. Can you please check on this.. THanks

    • Patty

      You’ll need to contact support. They’ll match your email and see what happened. Just contact shannon@deepspacesparkle.com She’ll send you one 🙂 PS Just let her know what PDF you are searching for in your email.

      • lauren Distasio

        Patty I have contacted Shannon twice and Neil. Still no email. ITs the teacher toolkit PDF that says teacher freebie.

        • Patty

          You’re going through the right channels. We had a high load last week with customer support and this is a long holiday weekend. Please direct all queries to support@deepspacesparkle.com.

  • Su Maki

    I still have not heard from you in response to my question. I have not received an email about getting the art teachers toolkit. I would love to print it up and use it. Thanks, Susan Maki

    • Patty

      I gave your email (rstkd805@comcast.net) to our customer support. We do our best to deliver PDF’s but sometimes emails are blocked because of user settings. Thank you Su.

  • lbutt1

    Thank you so much Patti, I really enjoyed this podcast. I have been teaching for over 30 years and have always had a passion for art, but am teaching art full time for the first time this year. I’m in Australia and have spent the first 8 months trying to work it all out myself as I am the first art teacher my school has ever had, so as you can imagine Deep Space Sparkle is a dream come true! I am trying to listen to as many of your podcasts as I can and look at as much content as I can as it is all very inspiring. Every day is a new challenge, especially the lower grades since I was an upper school teacher, but I absolutely love my new job. My school has 588 students in it and I teach Prep to 3 for 2 half hours a week and 4 – 6 one half hour a week, so finding the sheer volume of activities a challenge. Thanks again, Lynne Butters

    • Patty

      You are going to do great! This is such a wonderful experience- learning how to teach art and discovering new sources of inspiration. Glad you found us.

  • Tia Bruno

    I listened to the pod cast live and downloaded a copy of the Art Curriculum PLANNING WORKBOOK. I didn’t save the download or link and was wondering if I can access this somewhere? I’m interested in the workbook with the 1.Outline 2. Broad Strokes (must-do calendar) 3. details (line/shape/form…)4. Hi-lights

    • Patty

      I’m sorry but we are no longer offering the workbook as the webinar is over. Did you look in your old email? That’s where the link would have been.

  • Angela Campana

    I am trying to navigate your website. Where can I purchase the lessons with the videos for the students to see. I am teaching 5th grade art and I need help:-)

    • Patty

      We don’t sell individual videos anymore. After 4 years of selling them, we offer them as part of our paid membership program. We will have another enrollment this January.

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