Classroom Teachers Guide for Teaching Art: AME 076




You may wonder how you can teach art to your students if you don’t consider yourself an artist.  Here’s the thing…I don’t believe you need to be a great artist to teach art to kids. You just need a little bit of help.

This episode of Art Made Easy offers you the tips and tricks (and the toolkit) to help classroom teachers teach art effectively when you don’t have an art room, lots of ideas or supplies.

Be sure sure to download the Classroom Teachers Guide Toolkit through the blog for links, tips and checklists.


• Why templates and directed drawings can be beneficial for getting started on your classroom art lessons

• How you can organize your supplies for easy access and alternatives to a chalkboard that you can use as dedicated art spaces

• Why I recommend liquid water colors for every grade level if you’re a classroom teacher

• What big misconception exists about using chalk and ways you can start using it in your art room

• Ways to create the right environment for your students to create their art


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Classroom Teacher’s Guide to Teaching Art

Teach Art In Your Class

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The Organized Art Teacher: AME 037

Tips to Help Gauge if an Art Project is Right for Your Class: AME 006

Nutcracker Art Lesson

Christmas Car


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  • estee cohen-warburg

    Hi Parry, I follow you for many years and enjoy your blog, podcasts and videos, I teach gifted kids and grown ups. I love teaching art. When I see your picture I think if it is possible that I met you many years ago at Mona Brooks class in Santa Monica?? we used to live there. Now I am in Israel.

    Another funny question that I have, how much it cost per month???

    thanks for your time, Estee.

    • Patty

      Hi Estee,
      I would have loved to have met you but I was never at Mona’s class. I think we love the same thing! The Sparklers Club opens up on January 3rd. We have different membership levels starting at $25 a month. Make sure to sign up for the free video series and then our Q & A masterclass. https://deepspacesparkle.lpages.co/create-your-dream-art-program-video-series-l6/

  • slovakbelle12

    I just want ideas to use in an art job I have as a long term substitute.

  • Donna Rheaves

    Hi Patty, I am interested in knowing if the Black History package you showed during the membership drive can be purchased seperately? I want to offer a mobile program using the Arts, Culinary and Hands on visuals for the inner city schools here in Atlanta. The children want to go beyond slavery…..at their request!?

    • Patty

      Hi Donna! I love what you are doing. How exciting! Unfortunately, our art bundles are only available through the membership. Selling individual lesson plans is something we used to do, but with the massive amount of content we have now, this makes for a very cumbersome shop experience if we sell individually. Wishing you the most creative success with your business!

  • joan.dedrick

    How do I get the pdf’s – materials for this podcast? Joanie Dedrick

    • Patty

      Hi Joan,
      If you scroll down the post, you’ll see a yellow box that says, ” Yes Please. Send me the toolkit”. Just click this box and you will be directed to add your name and email to a pop-up form. After entering in the required fields, simply click the button and that’s it. We’ll email you the PDF. Make sure to check your junk mail. Sometimes PDF’s can get lost there :). If you have any trouble at all, Shannon at support will take care of you. You cam email her at support@deepspacesprkle.com. Thank you & enjoy the PDF 🙂

  • Sharmistha

    Thanks Patty for this valuable guidance ! I was wondering if you can give me more tips on how to teach to kids basic drawing ?

    • Patty

      Hi Sharmistha! Here’s a post & video on how I teach guided drawings: https://www.deepspacesparkle.com/how-i-teach-directed-line-drawings/ Then, dive into any of the lessons on this site as most start with drawing techniques. You can learn a lot by reading through the lessons…so much to explore! Have fun

  • Janice Fevrier

    First time viewing your page… awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing

  • Everlyn Galaha

    I want some information of teaching elementary students.

    • Bethany

      Hi Everlyn! We are so happy you found us! If you scroll down, you can click on the button so that we will send the toolkit right to your inbox. Just add your name and email address and we’ll email you the pdf. If you don’t see it please check your spam folder to make sure it didn’t end up there. Enjoy. Bethany

  • Mr.Berry Ista

    For student to understand what is arts
    and analyse how it have been contributing in human race

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