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Dinosaur Art Project

DINOSAUR ART PROJECT Drawing a dinosaur takes center stage in this dinosaur art project. Students sit up and listen as all are eager to learn how to draw their favorite... Learn More


Star Man Chalk Drawing

STAR MAN CHALK DRAWING When SpaceX launched it’s Falcon Heavy rocket, it sent Star Man and it’s Tesla on an orbit to Mars. Actually, Star Man is in an orbit... Learn More




Art Lessons by Subject

Ready to discover some art projects? CLICK on the IMAGE to be directed to a portfolio of fun….  ... Learn More

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Art and Literature

I love using picture books as inspiration for children’s art projects. Over the past 13 years I have curated a a massive list of project ideas and lesson plans. Here is... Learn More

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My Adventures with Paper Mache

If there were a prize for the best art genre for kids, I’m pretty sure Paper Mache would get the votes. It’s a quintessential art project and most everybody remembers... Learn More


Working through a Bad Clay Day…

Things had been going so well. Half the year over, successful lessons, sunny days and then…boom! Fifth grade clay day. Sound the drums! Fifth grade is a big grade level.... Learn More

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